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Who Likes Whom in The Middle East? Key players & Notable relationships

An interactive network visualisation of key players & notable relationships in the Middle East region. Continually updated. Awesome looking.

Source: www.informationisbeautiful.net

News flash:the Middle East is complicated.

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Why Progressives Love the New Cold War

First, there is NOTHING progressive about Democrats….so stop using the term to describe a bunch of center-left cowards. (And center left is being kind to them) 122 more words


Russia, Turkey, Israel and a New Balance of Power

Source: Journal-Neo.org
F. William Engdahl
October 26, 2016

If nature abhors a vacuum, geopolitics does so even more. The vote by a majority of the citizens of Great Britain to exit the dysfunctional construct misnamed the European Union is a symptom of something far deeper and more tectonic. 1,316 more words


China Is Getting Lured Into Cheney's Japanese Trap

Source: Journal-Neo.org
F. William Engdahl
October 22, 2016

As the situation in the South-China Sea continues to detoriate, we should remember that it was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who took advantage of Japan’s role as host to the recent Group of 7 industrial nations’ annual summit to introduce a provocative resolution criticizing China’s presence in controversial islands of the East China Sea known in China as the Diaoyo Islands and in Japan as the Senkaku islands. 2,341 more words


Yemen And The Attacks

I am always writing and the good people at Ace News Room seem to always want an op-ed from me…..this is one I wrote awhile back when the news that missiles had been fired at a US Naval vessel….. 277 more words

International Situations

Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire

Erdogan’s aggressive nationalism is now spilling over Turkey’s borders, grabbing land in Greece and Iraq.

In the past few weeks, a conflict between Ankara and Baghdad over Turkey’s role in the liberation of Mosul has precipitated an alarming burst of Turkish irredentism.

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Dirty fights for Europe’s Blue Banana. Geoeconomics in European affairs

Economically, the European Union (EU) is a giant: it sits at the heart of a geographical space of 80 countries that depend on it for trade and investment, and even align themselves with its currency; moreover, the EU has the world’s largest single market; most multinational companies, therefore, depend on access to the region – which means complying with EU standards. 628 more words