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John Kerry's Job program for Would-Be-Jihadists

While John Kerry brokered the terribly flawed Iran Nuclear Deal, let’s not forget another crazy deal he pushed: a taxpayer funded job program for would-be-jihadists. 215 more words

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Russia's Middle East Image Problem

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David Hartwell is a Middle East political, military and security expert, and Director and Managing Editor at Middle East Insider. He tweets: … 1,436 more words


The Destruction Of Israel?

Now that the hearings have begun on the Iranian nuke deal and they will be very contentious……we will be bombarded with the illusion that if the deal goes through then the destruction of Israel will be imminent…..most of this stuff is lies and misinformation or at best hyperbole…….. 456 more words

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Israel’s $100 Million Gamble - The Unz Review

The US sends multi-billions to Israel in the form of aid……and now with the upcoming vote on the Iranian nuke deal Israel is going into full opposition mode…….the lobby will be spending millions to political ‘friends’ to try and defeat the deal…..I ask of all the money spent to try and defeat the deal…..how much of that cash will be supplied by the American taxpayer? 99 more words

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Changing Global Dynamics: Eurasia

“Khrushchev wanted to present Ukraine with a gift on a golden dish, so that the whole republic knew how generous he was and how he cared about Ukraine’s prosperity.”

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Keeping Americans Excited about War | The National Interest

How do we keep Americans excited about war?  First, control the information flow and downplay the negativity.  Second, make the enemy appear to be less human that deserves to be beaten back. 9 more words

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