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[Out]House Of Saud Threatens To Sell Of US Treasuries If 9/11...

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
April 29, 2016

So many of you noticed this story and passed along various versions of this story, that I have to talk about it, for it would seem the (Out)House of Saud is pleading the fifth, in that inimitable way that tyrants and medieval butchers plead the fifth. 245 more words


Why Africa Nations have failed

I am writing this article in response to our administrator’s  request for me to give particular excerpts from the book Why Nations Fail to our groups in an online course – Future of Work in Africa: Innovations in Youth Employment- that i am part of. 669 more words

The Donald On Foreign Policy

Yesterday was a day of firsts….Cruz picked a VP and the Donald made his first foreign policy speech……since I am a nerd for foreign  policy that was the story I wanted to fixate on for the day….. 600 more words


Can The ISIS Threat Be Eliminated?

Now there is a question for the ages.

I know that ISIS is not grabbing many headlines these days….but I am still watching the situation so others do not have to….. 789 more words

International Situations

How NATO-linked Think Tanks Control EU Refugee Policy

Source: Journal-Neo.org
F. William Engdahl
April 28, 2016

A flood of uncontrolled war refugees from Syria, Libya, Tunisia and other Islamic countries destabilized by Washington’s ‘Arab Spring’ Color Revolutions, has created the greatest social dislocation across the EU from Germany to Sweden to Croatia since the end of World War II. 764 more words


The tragedy of ‘foreign policy elites'

I admit that I am a foreign policy wonk……I believe that foreign policy is the most important issue of the day and especially with this election in 2016.  274 more words


Obama’s arrogance and bin Laden’s murder

We can’t say we have been disappointed by Barack Obama because we never had any great expectations of him, in part because he was a product of the Chicago Democratic Party political machine, one of the most corrupt institutions we’ve ever investigated. 614 more words