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Economics #1: Information Asymmetry

Imagine you’re in the market for a new car. The used car you purchased last year is still fresh in your mind – it broke down every other day – so you decide to buy new. 1,006 more words


Of marriages, second hand cars and being unemployed

Since I started working nearly a decade and a half back, I have quit four jobs. Three out of four times, I quit without having a new job in place. 674 more words

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Nobel Prize Economists Say Free Market Competition Rewards Deception and Manipulation

Phishing & phooling. This one talks about the not so good side of the free market. We all buy stuff we don’t need, eat junk even when we know it is unhealthy. 142 more words


Ralph Nader: Activist or Sexist?; $40 billion Profits? Bank on it; No Bling in Tiffany Earnings

Oh no he didn’t! 

She may be considered dovish by investors and economists but when Janet Yellen fires back, you better watch out. Case in point: Ralph Nader, whose main claim to fame is his failed presidential bid. 782 more words

Why everybody loves credit cards

Recently I went looking for a new Wi-Fi data card. I quickly decided on what I wanted, and put up the necessary papers required. When I was ready to pay using a debit card, I was told that there would be a 2% charge if I decided to pay using either a credit or a debit card. 632 more words

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What bankrupt Indian business groups can learn from Genghis Khan

Over the last few years, Credit Suisse has brought out an interesting series of reports titled the “House of Debt”. The latest version of the report was released last week. 1,155 more words