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The 5 biggest ripoffs consumers face today

Adam’s Smith’s “invisible hand” of the marketplace is perhaps the single most captivating metaphor in all of economics. The idea that all of society can be made better off by the self-interested behavior of its constituents was revolutionary for its time, and it undergirds free-market philosophy to this day. 220 more words


Animal Spirits

I recently read Animal Spirits by Akerlof and Shiller and thought it was a great book. Although Keynes popularised the term ‘animal spirits’, he defined it loosely as the emotions which drive confidence cycles. 370 more words

Looking back: Real estate crash of 1997 reminds us prices can fall by 50%

Vivek Kaul

In response to a column I wrote yesterday many people wrote in saying that real estate prices never fall. Some others said that real estate prices cannot fall in India because India has a huge population, there is scarcity of land, and there is inflation and a lot of black money. 1,231 more words


India's real estate market is being run by crooks

Vivek Kaul

The real estate sector remains down in the dumps. Nevertheless, insiders(the builders, the real estate consultants, the housing finance companies etc.) would like us to believe that “acche din” will be here for the sector pretty soon and hence, we should be investing in it. 1,147 more words

Real Estate

Game Theory, Market for Lemons and Management Institutes

“George Akerlof’s Nobel prize is richly deserved. He and his co-laureates led a revolution in our understanding of how markets behave when different participants have different information about the qualities of commodities being traded. 505 more words

Apa Gunanya Sekolah?

Pertanyaan sederhana tapi membuat kita berfikir. Jenjang sekolah di Indonesia memang cukup panjang. Ada yang sudah dimulai dari playgroup atau Taman Kanak-Kanak. Setelah itu lanjut 6 tahun di tingkat SD, 6 tahun berikutnya di SMP dan SMA, lalu dilanjutkan dengan kuliah yang memakan waktu minimal 3,5 tahun. 581 more words

Self Development


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