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Apa Gunanya Sekolah?

Pertanyaan sederhana tapi membuat kita berfikir. Jenjang sekolah di Indonesia memang cukup panjang. Ada yang sudah dimulai dari playgroup atau Taman Kanak-Kanak. Setelah itu lanjut 6 tahun di tingkat SD, 6 tahun berikutnya di SMP dan SMA, lalu dilanjutkan dengan kuliah yang memakan waktu minimal 3,5 tahun. 581 more words

Self Development


~ TCM ~ The Confidence Multiplier

~ TIOF ~ The Importance Of Fairness

~ C&BF~ Corruption And Bad Faith

~ EEIDI ~ Everyone Else Is Doing It… 130 more words


Why Do Used Cars Sell For So Much Less Than New?

If Mr. Smith wants to SELL me his horse, do I really WANT to buy it? It’s a question as old as markets and horses have existed, but it was for many, many years, one of the unspoken questions of economics. 764 more words

Efficiency Of Markets

Is this the dumbest book on economics ever written?

There will have to be a wall of shame for economists who endorsed Keynesian solutions back in 2009 who will need to have their beliefs brought back to haunt them. 796 more words

Economic Theory And Policy

Why your brand new iPhone loses value immediately after purchase

It’s that day – you’ve finally saved up enough money to treat yourself to a smartphone. After years of battling it out with your trusty Nokia 1100 (which admittedly was extremely durable despite its lack of support for your favorite pastime Candy Crush), you’re going to join the legions of elite who carry around those gigantic devices which seem to control their minds. 1,001 more words


Iraq: The Cost of Building a Failed State

“Governments constantly choose between telling lies and fighting wars, with the end result always being the same. One will always lead to the other.”

- Thomas Jefferson… 195 more words

War Room

Fed Chair Yellen Is the Workers’ Best Friend

Financial FAQs

We have just heard from new Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellen in her first official speech entitled, What the Federal Reserve is Doing to Promote a Stronger Job Market. 542 more words

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