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On The Brink of Disaster

It is a crisp and bright winter’s day and the King and most of the court are outside in the tiltyard enjoying the winter jousting. I would normally be in the stands to watch my husband take part in his favourite pastime, but today I am content to stay behind in my warm and cosy chambers. 1,120 more words

Anne Boleyn

Bleak News Reaches Hever Castle

The countryside in Kent during the month of May is truly one of God’s greatest miracles and for a few brief seconds between sleep and wakefulness I have forgotten that these days have been the worst of my life. 878 more words

Anne Boleyn

Jane Boleyn – Condemner of Queens - Part 2

But where was Jane Boleyn during all this?

Stuck in a loveless, childless marriage to the intelligent, good looking George, who was a palace courtier during the early reign of King Henry VIII and a firm favourite of the King due to his quick wit and intelligence. 1,929 more words


15th May 1536

15th May 1536

Dressed in a gown of deep black with a crimson petticoat and wearing a hat with a black and white feather on it Anne prepared to face her trial. 1,247 more words

Fictive Kin: Anne Boleyn's Imaginary Relatives

Anne Boleyn, like almost everyone else at the English court, had a large and not invariably friendly web of relatives, many of whom necessarily make regular appearances in the novels written about her. 3,259 more words

The Many Faces Of Anne Boleyn

George Boleyn (1503-1536) and Jane Parker (1505-1542) - House of Boleyn - Lord and Lady Rochford

George Boleyn, was the brother of Queen Consort of England, Anne Boleyn, the 2nd wife and queen of Henry VIII. It is believed that George was the eldest sibling of Anne and Mary Boleyn, and eldest surviving child/son of Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl of Wiltshire and Lady Elizabeth Howard. 1,040 more words

The Tudors

NaPoWriMo 2016 - (Day Twelve)

Rochford, George Boleyn, Viscount
(Anne Boleyn’s brother):

birth, 119;
in Henry’s Privy Chambers, 131;
and Smeaton, 212;

Not appointed to Garter, 242;
arrested, 243;
trial and execution, 250, 525-3, 256.