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Let your brand become the NEED not just the WANT

I’ve been reading Youtilty by Jay Baer for a course I’m taking at George Brown. I have wanted to read the book for a long time, and quite frankly just kept putting it off (between work, school, a weekend job and trying to maintain a life, pleasure reading hasn’t been top priority). 790 more words


Scenes From The Toronto Necropolis

I sometimes avoid telling people that I’m interested in cemeteries, particularly the famed, old ones like the Toronto Necropolis. To history buffs and genealogists, they get it. 646 more words


Pure Tortiere

Featured is a Canadian classic dish, the tortiere. This one was made with pork and beef, though I believe traditionally it includes veal. I will let the pictures speak for themselves but let me just say that this, along with butter tarts, copious supplies of fresh water, expansive forests and universal healthcare, make me very proud to call this beautiful country home. 26 more words

Culinary Arts Courses

Confederation's cockpit: The Quebec conference is where the heavy lifting got done

As Canada nears 150 years, it’s a time to remember some steps along the way to confederation. Author and historian Christopher Moore tells Peter Robb about the importance of the Quebec conference of October, 1864. 997 more words


Tribune: Nephew of Melrose Park Mayor Alleged Victim of Mob Extortion Plot

Tribune Captions: Michael “Mickey” Davis is on trial for extortion, accused of ordering the beating of a suburban businessman over a $300,000 loan. Photos: U.S. 751 more words


George Brown, SEO Expert * Part 1 of 3 * blogs about this example of people’s court

George Brown, SEO Expert * Part 1 of 3 * blogs about this example of people’s court For more info on Tolkieniano seo visit: http://www.tolkieniano.com/ 9 more words

We're living in foggy times

Keith Hudson

Just what is David Cameron up to?  By saying that all his Ministers must vote to stay in the European Union when he knows that at least five of them are agin it, he’s provoking quite . 848 more words