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Confederation's cockpit: The Quebec conference is where the heavy lifting got done

As Canada nears 150 years, it’s a time to remember some steps along the way to confederation. Author and historian Christopher Moore tells Peter Robb about the importance of the Quebec conference of October, 1864. 997 more words


Tribune: Nephew of Melrose Park Mayor Alleged Victim of Mob Extortion Plot

Tribune Captions: Michael “Mickey” Davis is on trial for extortion, accused of ordering the beating of a suburban businessman over a $300,000 loan. Photos: U.S. 751 more words


George Brown, SEO Expert * Part 1 of 3 * blogs about this example of people’s court

George Brown, SEO Expert * Part 1 of 3 * blogs about this example of people’s court For more info on Tolkieniano seo visit: http://www.tolkieniano.com/ 9 more words

We're living in foggy times

Keith Hudson

Just what is David Cameron up to?  By saying that all his Ministers must vote to stay in the European Union when he knows that at least five of them are agin it, he’s provoking quite . 848 more words

Sunday June 2nd, 1985

Norman Fowler introduces DHSS plans.

Lord George Brown dies

1985 News Diary

“What you link your pain to and what you link your pleasure to shapes your destiny” –Tony Robbins

This quote reminds me of the struggles we all have when learning new things. The learning process can be long, arduous and frustrating at times. Tony Robbins was explaining how our past behavioral patterns we learned, consciously or unconsciously, can be changed by choosing to associate pain or pleasure with the actions that we take. 64 more words

In Conversation with Corey Lee and David Chang

Corey Lee’s new cookbook “Benu”– named after his three Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco – has a tactile presence, the cover protruding to replicate the swirl of a pork bun. 322 more words