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A Constitutional Moment

I take a break from talking about the Saskatchewan Catholic school funding case, and turn from dealing with unanticipated consequences of compromises struck at Confederation to the time when these compromises were being made. 996 more words


Tired and Emotional

A short version of this article appeared in Ceylon Today on Thursday April 6 2017

The other day, I was reading HLD Mahindapala’s blog about the last days of Prabhakaran, I was surprised to read this: “In a desperate bid K. 2,050 more words

Ceylon Today

Andrew Coyne: George Brown, the forgotten man of Canadian history

“It’s the hundredth anniversary of Con-fed-er-ation, everybody sing!” So Bobby Gimby instructed us in 1967. On this 150th anniversary, there would seem little to sing about. 905 more words


The Necropolis

Sunday, March 19, 2017

In the early years of the Town of York there were only a few places to bury the dead.  The Military Burying Grounds… 1,227 more words

Braised Lamb Shank

For this post, I have decided to try a dish I have never tried before. I chose to go to a restaurant on Front St. called “Sultan’s Tent.” Looking over their menu, the braised lamb shank really stood out to me. 343 more words

Memorabilia Monday: Cocktail Fork

This is a cocktail fork from the Lamar Hotel. The once-popular hotel closed in June 1983. While we do not have a collection pertaining to the hotel, we do have collections connected to some of the men who frequented it, … 23 more words


A Bisket - A Basket, A Tisket - A Tasket

February 15th was the busiest that I have ever seen the St. Lawrence Market. I’m not sure why the market was booming, but I’m glad to see that it’s getting the attention that it deserves. 667 more words