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The Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us – 2004 — Iowa Climate Science Education

By Paul Homewood In 2004, the Pentagon’s experts said climate change was going to destroy us all by 2024: Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters..

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Climate Matters

Thought of the Day: Shake & Fake

Donald Trump is the Ricky Bobby of presidents. That pretty much sums the man up in a nutshell.

Not culturally, of course. That dishonor would go to George W. 45 more words

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Defining Patriotism

Years ago, during the Bush era, Bill Maher’s political show Real Time was on fire. Despite being a controversial host on both sides of the spectrum (liberal and conservative) there was no other pundit that was as outspoken or blunt about the constant misdeeds and, well, fuck-ups of the US government during that point in history. 1,154 more words

Bill Maher

Are Presidents Required to Pass a Mental Health Test?

Why Candidates for the Highest Office Should Undergo a Psychological Evaluation. 1,432 more words


NEW ORLEANS (WWL-TV) – Feeding people has been a labor of love for Leah Chase for more than six decades.  Even now, as she turns 95 years old on Saturday, she is still a regular presence in the kitchen and dining rooms of her landmark Dooky Chase’s restaurant. 157 more words

Food And Wine

My Thoughts On A Theoretical Presidential Knife Fight

Some ideas are good.

Some ideas are bad.

And some ideas are completely genius.

I found one of those tonight thanks to my friend Joe Shaw. 880 more words