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Kennan's Crystal Ball

By James A. Chisem

George F. Kennan was a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, he was a consummate diplomat, flying the flag for the Balance of Power in the age of the Balance of Terror. 931 more words

International Relations

A New Federalism? Don't Hold Your Breath

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is calling for a Convention of the States to rein in federal power and to restore some measure of balance to the American federal system. 518 more words

The Passing Scene

Robert Reich’s Two Americas

Blue and red America seem to be at permanent loggerheads.

In increasing numbers, Americans in both camps are taking note of the deep cultural and political chasm that has emerged between us, one so deep that it has begun to resemble the frightening constitutional impasse that prevailed in the years preceding the American Civil War. 611 more words

Jim Langcuster

The Bellwether that Will Never Be

The burgeoning Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) should serve as a bellwether for the current pathetic state of American federalism, but it won’t, I’m sorry to say. 627 more words

Jim Langcuster