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On to the Freewheel, conveniently built just 20 minutes walk away and on the return journey to Faversham.

Graveney, probably listed as Goodnestone next year, is home to some tremendous… 148 more words


Well, Old Man Winter took his vengeance out on the Niagara Region last night and I now a shit ton of shoveling to do to before… 558 more words


Pick of the Pops: 'Our House Is Haunted'

‘Our House Is Haunted’
George Formby

Every All Hallows’ Eve since time immemorial (or 2015, as we call it round here), we’ve featured… 426 more words


Free Download: British Music Hall Reclaimed


“Barry Cryer takes a look at the cottage industry of music-hall recording restoration, and at the lives and works of some of the genre’s stars. Thanks to modern computer technology we are able to hear again performances by artists such as Mark Sheridan, Ernest Shand, Vesta Victoria, and Albert Chevalier , material originally recorded at the turn of the last century. 1,156 more words

Melania Trump can sing George Formby's greatest hits out of her bottom claims White House insider

A source close to the Trump administration has told The Whitechapel Whelk that First Lady, Melania Trump, regularly entertains family members and friends by performing a medley of songs made famous by the 1930s ukelele-playing legend, George Formby, using her bottom to produce musical notes… 204 more words


The Emperor of Lancashire

George Formby was the UK’s biggest box office attraction for years on end. The grinning ukulele player and singer of funny, innuendo-riddled little songs (“With my little ukulele in my hand”; “I blew a little blast on my whistle”, etc – you get the idea) was mobbed all over the country as he played, and his tunes and catchphrases have entered the national consciousness. 255 more words

“In the End, It Took Me a Dictionary to Find Out the Meaning of Unrequited” #8

When I posted the Sandie Shaw track “Heaven Knows I’m Missing Him Now” in The Chain this week, I made reference to a track by The Smiths. 510 more words

" In The End, It Took Me A Dictionary To Find Out The Meaning Of Unrequited"