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What Went Wrong With... Russia Today (& Every Other News Channel)?

Many people today tune in to the news just so they can hear what they’re already thinking; to get fired up about an issue they feel strongly about, basically for some reassurance that their viewpoint is correct. 1,987 more words


Call to Court to Declare George Galloway Bankrupt.

I used to be George Galloway you know!

My brave friend @aak1880 was libelled by George Galloway & she didn't stand for it. Now Galloway faces consequences.

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Dishonest London Mayor Sadiq Khan (15.8.2017)

Like millions of Londoners, I fully welcomed the election of Sadiq Khan as London Mayor – even though I had reservations about his pro-Zionist attitudes – and voted for George Galloway (the ardent anti-Zionist).   184 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Protecting the Chávez legacy

Yesterday we discussed a thoughtful piece by Jack Staples-Butler about the Western apologists for Venezuelan chavismo who helped Hugo Chávez gain (and regain) power – but who, as the thug’s misguided socialist project (now in the hands of his hapless successor, Nicolás Maduro) has led his country further and further into ruin, have run for the hills rather than face up to their share of moral responsibility for this colossal failure. 570 more words


George Galloway's Absurd Double Standards

By Brandon Martinez

This video does a good job exposing the absurdist double standards of leftist British politician George Galloway.

Galloway is shown headlining an “anti-war” protest in 2015 when Britain was having a vote on whether to join the anti-ISIS coalition air war in Syria and Iraq. 335 more words


George Galloway Fails to Turn up to Election Count as he's crushed in Manchester Gorton.

“I used to be George Galloway”. 

The victory of Sandy Martin and the defeat of ‘Mr Ipswich’ and a key author of the Conservative Manifesto (Headline in… 760 more words


George Galloway - Classic Sabbath Kaffir

By Brandon Martinez

I recently found this video pretty much proving with his own words that former British MP George Galloway is a crypto-Muslim.

Galloway made a career out of shilling for Arab and Muslim causes in the Middle East. 101 more words