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". . . to maintain this position of disparity"

George Kennan is one of the more important diplomats (and scholars) in the history of U.S. foreign relations. Best known as the “father” of the Cold War policy of “containment,” Kennan was the ultimate “cold warrior” of the immediate postwar era. 493 more words

ISIS: Think The X-factor

5th December 2015


Why bomb Syria? Simple.  It is what has to be done until some one comes up with a good idea. Bombing is lethal mood music. 773 more words

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Quote by George Kennan on endurance

A quote by George Kennan on endurance is the topic of this blog post.

“Heroism … is endurance for one moment more.” George Kennan

“I am not a hero, and would never claim to be. 163 more words

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"The Realist Who Preached Jeremiads," By William Anthony Hay

George F. Kennan holds an iconic standing among twentieth-century American thinkers on international relations. The diplomat turned public intellectual played a key role in crafting policy during the pivotal early years of the Cold War by articulating the threat posed by the Soviet Union and framing the policy of containment as a response. 2,003 more words

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Nuclear weapons and the American agenda -- "coercive foreign policy instruments" intended for actual use

By John Steinbach

Global Research, June 26, 2015

Global Research 17 July 2002

This article published by Global Research in 2002 focusses on the role of nuclear war as a means to enforcing a coercive and extremist US foreign policy agenda. 5,886 more words

Post Post-Soviet Space

It is a commonplace today to speak of the “map of Europe being re-written” and point to the actions of Russia in Crimea and the Donbas. 454 more words

August War

American military expert to Ukraine: The territories are lost, Ukraine has no army left, weapons won't solve this situation

In the interview below are interesting comments about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, John McCain, and the overall situation. However, Mr. Kofman does not acknowledge the political situation, and he parrots the American and Kiev regime lie that Russia is attacking Ukraine. 1,871 more words