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Mark Collins - What Would George Kennan Make of The Donald?

Further to the posts here and here, one strongly suspects that the now-revered yet very reactionary diplomat and then professor would only be further convinced that the rise of Mr Trump is a demons… 11 more words

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Trump and the 'Second American Revolution'

GOP warms to Trump,” reads the headline at The Hill. “Republican elites yield” declares Drudge Report, citing The Washington Post’s headline, “GOP elites are now resigned to Trump as their nominee.” This is the story throughout, and if momentum brings tycoon Donald Trump to victory in Indiana on Tuesday where he has a… 793 more words

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Should New York City Be a State?

One of the more creative political ploys at the height of the 1960s occurred in 1969 when Gloria Steinem encouraged the quintessential New Yorker, novelist Norman Mailer, to run for mayor of New York City. 944 more words

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Grand Strategy (again): some more history

There is an excellent article in Foreign Affairs, from the 1987 edition, about the origins of containment (conceived by American diplomat George Kennan) and the so called Truman Doctrine, which served America, and the whole of the emerging, US led, West for another decade (until 1960 in the USA) and even more in the case of e.g. 129 more words

Grand Strategy

Realism and Restraint


Most questionable ideas begin their life in a pub, and this website is no exception.

A few days after the House of Commons voted to authorise airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, I found myself in a beer garden with four friends I’ve known since high school. 1,327 more words

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The Man Who Got Russia Right | Foreign Policy

Susan Glasser on George Kennan, author of the famous Long Telegram that formed American policy during the Cold War:

….Based in Moscow a few years later, Kennan saw the historical contradictions that undermined the foundation of the Soviet regime — while at the same time giving it a veneer of power.

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". . . to maintain this position of disparity"

George Kennan is one of the more important diplomats (and scholars) in the history of U.S. foreign relations. Best known as the “father” of the Cold War policy of “containment,” Kennan was the ultimate “cold warrior” of the immediate postwar era. 493 more words