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Many, many years ago, when I was a young student one rather iconoclastic teacher suggested to us that we needed to reconsider who were the “greatest” British monarchs … it was not, he said, Alfred the Great, nor Henry V nor even ‘Gloriana’ (Elizabeth I). 731 more words

Foreign Policy

Reading George Kennan's reports of Korea in 1905

I’m reading reports on “The Outlook” by George Kennan in 1905. You can read them online. I’ve just finished skimming and it seems they’re very very interesting. 148 more words


(Norm’s comment: please note that everything that follows to the end of this post is “Malooga’s” work.  And what a fine piece it is!)

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Unintended Consequences

Presidential historian Robert Dalleck has observed; “As the war came to an end in September 1945, Truman came under intense pressure to “bring the boys home.” Where he saw a need to “adjust the rate of the demobilization of our forces so we would be able to meet our new obligations in the world,” the public, led by many of the twelve million men in the armed forces and their families, insisted on the fastest possible release from service. 5,130 more words