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George Lakoff: 'Conservatives don't follow the polls, they want to change them … Liberals do everything wrong'

Author: Zoe Williams

Source: The Guardian

Publication Date: 1 February 2014

“You want to defend the right to have an abortion, you want to stop privatisation, you want to protect the natural world – as Lakoff has often written, these are not three separate arguments, they are all part of the same worldview. 223 more words

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The Mythos of Mathematics

‘Modern man has his ghosts and spirits too, you know.’


‘Oh, the laws of physics and of logic . . . the number system .

1,813 more words

It's Not Austerity, It's Asphyxiation

The words we use matter. And not just the words themselves, but how they are employed to form metaphors. Cognitive linguist George Lakoff talks about “ 609 more words


Explaining the Conservative attitude to social security

Social security has been in the news a lot recently, with speculation about where the Conservatives’ £12bn of cuts will fall. It is thought that tax credits will be targeted, … 963 more words


Stories of Adultery

Are the stories that we read, the stories that we tell, the language that is used, an important aspect of understanding adultery?

In short, YES.  Very important. 1,519 more words


Metaphors: Is this life and death? Is it war?

In journalism, as in other forms of research, asking the right questions is often the best way to start organizing our thoughts about issues that are difficult to grasp fully.   483 more words

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June Selection: George Lakoff books

At our June 2015 meeting we will discuss Neil’s selection. He provides the following information about his pick:
For our June meeting, you can choose one or more of the books by George Lakoff listed below. 456 more words

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