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UPDATES - Overweening Generalist, 'Degrowth', RAW, 'ego depletion'

I’ve combined a couple of “Updates” posts into one here (as the menu was getting a bit messy).

April 18, 2016:-

1. A new piece from one of my favourite websites, the… 350 more words

George Lakoff

RAW: new article for Disinfo

22 March 2016 – I’ve written an article for disinfo.com about the resurgence of interest in Robert Anton Wilson’s ideas. As well as looking at a couple of new RAW-related books, it continues the theme I’ve already written (briefly) about – on the harmoniousness between RAW’s mutiple-model… 53 more words

Frame Semantics

Another, and very good attempt to explain the Trump phenomenon

I wrote a while back about how the social scientists have not yet been able to explain the Trump phenomenon. They really haven’t. Now comes George Lakoff, the Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley. 1,042 more words



When I was much younger I sometimes passed the time playing mind games on myself. One highly sexist and totally shameful game was to mentally set a time limit and then, scanning the crowd at the farmer’s market or enjoying a picnic at the park or rushing to the subway, pick out the one woman I would most want to have casual relations with. 618 more words


Evolutionaries vs. The Psychopath Factor

There’s a classic scene in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie when Indiana Jones is faced with an expert swordsman in an Arab marketplace. 2,340 more words

Social Commentary

Honors 11: End of 1984

We first wrapped up our discussion leader conversations from yesterday before delving into the end of the book with our final discussion leaders.

Below are the Google doc forms and subsequent quizzes for today’s class’s discussion leaders. 117 more words

Honors 11

Lakoff on "growth" & "degrowth" frames

George Lakoff was recently asked if he thought economic “degrowth” framing was any use, and he immediately replied: “No, it isn’t…” (the video is here… 1,221 more words