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Facts, frames & "post-truth" politics

Some pointers on how frames fit into the debate about “post-truth”, “post-factual” politics, etc.

Frames vs “facts”

We think and reason using frames and metaphors. The consequence is that arguing simply in terms of facts—how many people have no health insurance, how many degrees Earth has warmed in the last decade, how long it’s been since the last raise in the minimum wage—will likely fall on deaf ears.

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Frame Semantics

The frame is the name of the game

Why is the Republican candidate leading in the electoral college vote?  Because he won four states in the Great Lakes region: Pennsylvania; Ohio;  Michigan; and Wisconsin, all of which voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.  367 more words



I have two nephews and a cousin who are MDs, but unfortunately, not one of them is a psychiatrist. I say unfortunately because I would like to know on the cheap just what it is that one or more of them might think is amiss in the mind and perhaps the brain of Don the Con. 534 more words

Tuesday Reads: Trump Trauma

Good Afternoon!!

Last night Lawrence O’Donnell had a psychologist named Bill Doherty as a guest on his program “The Last Word” to talk about Donald Trump. 1,838 more words

Morning Reads

A Clear Choice in the American Election: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

This has certainly been an unusual election season! I am sure almost all Americans would agree. It has brought out every faction, interest group, and ideological stance in America. 1,012 more words

Global Community

Why Ask?

Because chances are, we don’t know as much as we think we know – about ourselves and others, about the world at large, and especially about communicating collaboratively with other species. 819 more words

The Iron Mask of the Mind

There’s something about this election that baffles me.

It has always seemed to me that climate change is the most important challenge we face now or will face any time in the near future.   2,063 more words

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