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Read George Lakoff's 'Don't Think of An Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate' 10th Anniversary Edition

Stop whatever it is you’re doing, get a copy of the 10th anniversary edition of Don’t Think of an Elephant! by George Lakoff, clear your schedule, and read it. 306 more words

Use Your Power, Recruit Friends

meanwhile, in other news

I was taught by my father, and his father, a simple thought to apply to all information.

Consider the Source

This is a task made more difficult in our ‘modern’ life by the proliferation of ‘sources.’ We are overrun by sources that are willing to tell us what they think, or what they know, or what they believe, but few are actually reputable enough to be considered reliable in terms of ‘truth.’ 365 more words

American Life

The Authoritarian Personality and the National Divide

‘In talking to right-wing authoritarians (RWAs) — in any situation — the first and greatest challenge is to reduce the level of fear and increase the level of trust. 2,130 more words

Human Rights

The simple decision Democrats must make in order to win again

A few weeks ago the new president of the Florida Democratic Party, Sally Boynton Brown, caught some flak when she told a group of progressives that changes in store for the party include messaging that makes a conscious appeal to emotion, and rigorous script testing, likely through soft polling and focus groups. 1,474 more words

Democratic Party

Change Hearts First to Change Minds on Climate Crisis

David Leonhardt of the New York Times asked his readers what I believe is the most important question about America’s resistance to the threat of climate change: What would a more persuasive message about climate change sound like? 957 more words


The Political Mind: A Cognitive Scientist's Guide to Your Brain and Its Politics

A groundbreaking scientific examination of the way our brains understand politics from a New York Times bestselling author

One of the world ‘s best-known linguists and cognitive scientists, George Lakoff has a knack for making science make sense for general readers. 108 more words