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Inside/Outside, Wave or Particle

If it doesn’t seem that everything is hanging by a thread right now, if grief and bewilderment for a world losing its way is not just beneath the surface of your own world, perhaps its time to come out of your cave. 998 more words


"Government Schools" vs. "Public Schools"

Last weekend, the NY Times published an important story by Julie Bosman about the political importance of how we name our institutions: “Kansas has for years been the stage for a messy school funding fight that has shaken the Legislature and reached the State Supreme Court… Somewhere along the way, the term ‘government schools’ entered the lexicon in place of references to the public school system.” 954 more words

Equity & Opportunity To Learn

Decoding Turnbull: what his 2015 acceptance speech really said

On the day of the 2016 Australian Federal election, let’s rewind to last year. On September 14, 2015, Malcolm Turnbull ascended to the party Liberal Party leadership, and Australia breathed a collective sigh of relief as the brief, … 1,066 more words


Deeper into framing

24 June 2016 – I have a lot more to say about media framing, but I’m taking an extended break from posting. For now, I leave you with some excerpts from my modest little book, … 6,684 more words

Frame Semantics

UPDATES - Overweening Generalist, 'Degrowth', RAW, 'ego depletion'

I’ve combined a couple of “Updates” posts into one here (as the menu was getting a bit messy).

April 18, 2016:-

1. A new piece from one of my favourite websites, the… 350 more words

George Lakoff

RAW: new article for Disinfo

22 March 2016 – I’ve written an article for disinfo.com about the resurgence of interest in Robert Anton Wilson’s ideas. As well as looking at a couple of new RAW-related books, it continues the theme I’ve already written (briefly) about – on the harmoniousness between RAW’s mutiple-model… 53 more words

Frame Semantics