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Honors 11: End of 1984

We first wrapped up our discussion leader conversations from yesterday before delving into the end of the book with our final discussion leaders.

Below are the Google doc forms and subsequent quizzes for today’s class’s discussion leaders. 117 more words

Honors 11

Lakoff on "growth" & "degrowth" frames

George Lakoff was recently asked if he thought economic “degrowth” framing was any use, and he immediately replied: “No, it isn’t…” (the video is here… 1,221 more words


Explaining the Republican Crazy Talk: You Don't Need the Truth to Win in the GOP Primaries

Source: AlterNet

Author:Marth Kaplan

Emphasis Mine

Did you make it through Sunday’s lunar eclipse OK?

When the moon turned blood red, I bet you didn’t shake spears at it or beat your dogs to make them bark, as the Incas did to scare away the jaguar that had swallowed the moon… 1,118 more words

Adultery is a private matter between the adulterer and his or her spouse

What values are framing the debate around adultery?

Ever since I’ve come out of the tail spin of adultery I have been seeking the answer to this question. 2,551 more words


Using Mr. Brown's Precepts to Engage the School Community

One of my goals for this school year is to be more present in the school. It’s not that I was away a lot. Rather, I am aiming to make my presence more known in a couple of ways. 478 more words


"resource" family of ids

On pages 161-2 of their book Philosophy in the Flesh, George Lakoff and Mark Johnson write about the “time and money as resources” schema.  They write ” This schema characterizes what is typically meant by a… 131 more words

George Lakeoff: How the Progressive Mindset Is Holding the Left Back and Placing the World in the Right’s Lap

George Lakoff, a cognitive science professor at the University of California, Berkeley, argues convincingly that the left makes grave mistakes with regard to how it frames issues and by doing so has ceded important ground to the right. 740 more words