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The problem with facts

Originating in Disneyland, a measles outbreak spread across America. Parents across America wondered how this could happen. The MMR vaccine against measles is readily available to many parents and is covered under the Affordable Health Care Act. 484 more words

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No Sacrifice Too Great

“I’m going to try to put this delicately,” said my social worker friend. “Your mother is crazy.”

I’d forwarded her the email exchange my mother and I had had a few years back that convinced me that trying to have a relationship was a lost cause. 2,205 more words


Translation: four reasons to use translation in language learning

We’ve all seen how bad translations can be when they’re done word-for-word. Signs posted around the world give us messages like ‘If you are stolen, call the police at once’ and ‘Please do not empty your dog here’. 1,005 more words

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Thinking outside the box?

Can’t be done.

(Think about it)

Metaphors We Climb By

Whether or not our lives have any grand, objective, cosmic, or divinely-rooted meaning will most likely remain uncertain this side of the River Styx. What is certain, though, is that we humans can’t help but project significance onto the activities we engage in, even when it’s something as seemingly frivolous as heaving our weary cadavers up the sides of rocks. 590 more words


Nation as Families

In our discussions, the idea that the relationship between Singapore’s government and her people (especially the youth) are like the relationship between conservative parents and rebellious teenagers brought us to research on the idea of nation as families. 39 more words

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Cinc llibres sobre comunicació política: unes recomanacions

Ha començat el 2015, un any molt electoral. Hi ha dues convocatòries segures: les municipals del 24 de maig i les espanyoles de la tardor -si, tal com tot indica no s’avancen-. 600 more words

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