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So It Begins...

Hey guys!

My name’s Daniel, a mid 20s Irishman living in London. I studied up to A-Level (English Literature, Engineering & Politics), but never went to University. 87 more words


Rockwell's Four Phases of Gaining Power

George Lincoln Rockwell, the famous White Supremacist and neo-Nazi, developed four phases of gaining power:

  • Phase One: Become known. This includes “getting in the headlines,” rallies and promotional material.
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August 25

1967: George Lincoln Rockwell is killed. He was born in 1918 in Bloomington, Illinois. His parents were vaudeville comedians and actors and his father knew many famous people of the day. 566 more words


this day in crime history: august 25, 1967

On this date in 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell, founder and head of the American Nazi Party, was shot and killed while leaving a shopping center parking lot in Arlington, VA. 96 more words

True Crime

Jose Padua: Because Even in the Darkest of Days Revolution Is a Movement Towards the Light

On the same day in August 1967
when American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell
was killed, my younger
brother was born:
one bad guy down, one good guy up and running. 139 more words

Social Justice

Rod Serling and Free Speech: Why "Defeating by Ignoring" Doesn't Work

One day in 1966, Alex Haley, the author of “Roots,” entered the offices of the American Nazi Party and spoke at length with the man in charge, George Lincoln Rockwell. 566 more words

Rod Serling