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Star Wars: The Last Gasp

In 2012 Disney plopped down over four billion U.S. dollars to acquire LucasFilm, Ltd. from owner George Lucas, with the intention of churning out one movie per year as part of a plan to milk as much money out of the… 2,118 more words


Buckle Up Baby: SOLO Preview


Frank and Tim are back with their latest Star Wars episode. And while their predictions of Max von Sydow being Boba Fett and who Rey’s parents are didn’t prove to be correct; everything you hear in this podcast is true…

Film Review

25% Or More Of Male VFX Employees at Lucasfilm Better Start Looking For New Jobs

Today’s race and gender obsessed Lucasfilm has a message for men working in the visual effects field within their own company.

Patrick Cavanaugh from comicbook.com reports: 229 more words

Kathleen Kennedy

Diehard 'Star Wars' fans are revolting against Disney

When Disney purchased the “Star Wars“ franchise from George Lucas, fans were giddy with anticipation for a new trilogy of movies. Not only that, but… 395 more words


My Favorite Scene: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) "Father & Son"

Raiders of the Lost Ark is undoubtedly the best Indiana Jones film, but if I’m going to pop one in to just have a great time, I’ll go with… 326 more words