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The Tragic Downfall of Anakin Skywalker

The Star Wars prequels don’t initially scream Greek tragedy, if one considers the dubious references to sand, high ground and Jar Jar’s necessary companionship (apparently demanded by the gods), then we seem to look upon a genre and a galaxy distantly remote from conventional classical tragedy. 1,664 more words

Ancient Greece

Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Star Wars is rarely far from my mind these days, in part because I have a seven year-old son who yammers about it constantly, and in part because people who call themselves fans can’t go nine straight days without doing something so silly or stupid that most people wish they’d never heard of Star Wars. 447 more words


Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie Review

I reviewed Solo: A Star Wars Story a couple of weeks ago. Spoiler alert: I really liked it!


George Lucas's Microbiotic Sequels and the Role of Canon in Star Wars - The Blockade Runner Podcast #68

First up, Ryan and John discussing some recent Star Wars news including the Battlefront II and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order games news from E3 and recent George Lucas comments that are reminding us why we love him so much (even if his comments are sometimes a little wild!). 156 more words


Willow (1988)

Director: Ron Howard

Writer: Bob Dolman (Screenplay) George Lucas (Story)

Starring: Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Warwick Davis, Jean Marsh, Patricia Hayes, Billy Barty, Pat Roach… 587 more words


Kathleen Kennedy Killed The EU Because She Hated It

While working on my editorial about how Kathleen Kennedy’s lack of leadership is showing during this PR disaster at Lucasfilm, I originally wrote some things about how the embattled president of the company George Lucas created handled the scrapping of the Star Wars Expanded Universe back in 2014. 797 more words

Disney Era

'Solo' insights from Ron Howard, what if George Lucas had guided the sequel trilogy, and more

Star Wars dominates the headlines this week as Solo: A Star Wars Story continues its theatrical run. The Goliverse’s Steve Glosson joins us as special guest co-host as we break down the all the latest news including highlights from a recent Ron Howard interview that revealed new Solo insights from the director himself and gets us talking about the Star Wars criminal universe potentially being spotlighted in future films. 97 more words