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Onslaught #012 - The Amityville Horror

La-ing hardly lends itself to being the world’s scariest musical element.

I’m right onboard with guttural thrums and distant choral voices or even children singing kind of unintelligibly, but… 2,138 more words

Alphabetical Onslaught Project

That fateful day... November 13, 1974

Forty years ago today in a quiet seaside village on Long Island in New York, a tragedy would occur which would be popular long after the ‘players’ were dead. 439 more words

True Tales

The Warrens

When I was a kid I grew up in a haunted house, yet I was wise enough to know that not every seemingly paranormal thing that happened was actually paranormal, and I could look for a real solution to any event before writing it off as ghostly. 686 more words


EU immigration in Switzerland at record high: Why, how, and what does this mean?

An article posted a few days ago by Reuters titled “EU immigration in Switzerland at record high before voter backlash,” written by Alice Baghdjian and Joshua Franklin caught my eye and I just knew this would be a great way to start my exploration into migration in the EU (don’t worry, I know Switzerland isn’t a part of the EU). 995 more words


The House No Longer at 112 Ocean Avenue

I was born in Copaigue, Long Island, New York.   At least that is what I have repeated most of my life, and I do recall that it was on the birth certificate that I have stashed away in a file somewhere that I needed to procure for some reason or another.  1,135 more words

The Amityville House - NJ - The Controversy

This Dutch colonial was built in 1925 on the edge of Amityville Creek.  It is said to be one of the most well document sites of paranormal activity. 909 more words

Retro Review: "The Amityville Horror" (1979)

After our recent viewing of the absolutely brilliant documentary My Amityville Horror, my lady friend–not nearly as big a horror fan as the Scholar–was surprisingly eager to see the famous film based on the famous novel based on the Lutzes’ infamous story. 1,152 more words