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In the EYE of the Storm (Part Two)

The living room was central in the house. I was sleeping soundly when an angel of the Lord sharply called my name, “Micky … Micky!” I was not only instantly awake but also on my feet, completely alert. 657 more words

Amityville Horror

In the EYE of the Storm (Part One)

Sometimes, we must trust our instincts … or suffer the consequences.  —Micky Sexton

Many claim to be practitioners of dark arts, witchcraft, Satan worship, all kinds of things.

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Amityville Horror

After 40 years ... the REAL story of the Amityville Horror

I have kept my silence long enough…

I would like to address a question that I feel may rise in the minds of many readers about my book. 340 more words

Amityville Horror

The Real Amityville Horror: Unveiling the Terror Behind the Fiction | Documentary

“The Amityville case affected our personal lives more than any case we ever worked on.” – Lorraine Warren The Paranormal Scholar presents the truth behind the legendary Amityville Horror film franchise. 108 more words


Amityville 3D (1983)

The Amityville Horror franchise is not known for “greatness.” It began as a hoax concocted by George Lutz, which he based on the real life case of Ronald DeFeo. 1,857 more words