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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

“For this week’s photo challenge, share a picture that symbolizes transitions, change, and the passing of time.”

“How strange this fear of death is! We are never frightened at a sunset.” 6 more words

Prompts And Challenges

Wake, my Soul. 

But he who would be born again indeed,

Must wake his soul unnumbered times a day,

And urge himself to life with holy greed;

Now ope his bosom to the Wind’s free play;

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George MacDonald

Great Beginings

Yes, it is – a very great deal, for it is a beginning. And a beginning is the greatest thing of all. To try to be brave is to be brave.

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Obstructions of Man

From a letter George MacDonald wrote to an unidentified man, printed in ‘Wingfold’ Spring 2017:

“If any man comes to me with theological questions, if I find that they are troubling him, and keeping him from giving himself to God, I do my best to remove any obstructions as are the result of man’s handling of the eternal things: what I count false, I will not spare. 37 more words

George MacDonald

June 18: Father's Day.

It was one of those moments. I had been mulling over finding passages for the blog from George MacDonald, the XIX Century Scottish writer, when I found a stall in Canterbury giving out free books – it was World Book Day – including… 337 more words

Daily Reflections

But a Fool

Who sets himself not sternly to be good,Is but a fool, who judgment of true things

Has none, however oft the claim renewed.

And he who thinks, in his great plenitude, 26 more words


Two Weeks Left

There are only two weeks until registration closes for George MacDonald’s Scotland.

We are busy arranging all the details for the special collection workshops, digitization project, garden trail, and book launch. 141 more words