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C. S. Lewis, George MacDonald, and the Life-Changing Power of Stories

by Jim Denney

Clive Staples Lewis — “Jack” to his friends and family — was raised in the Church of Ireland. The death of his mother when he was nine years old shattered his happy childhood. 816 more words


Does God know what we are going to Become?  As surely as He knows the Great Oak He has planted in the heart of the acorn! 113 more words

A Meditation on Apokatastasis

If God may save or damn any man (and if it is therefore possible for any man to be saved or damned) then no man is of himself worth saving. 775 more words

The Acknowledgement of Wrong

She never said she was sorry, but she tried to make up for it. Her husband had not taught her the virtue both for relief and purification that lies in the acknowledgement of wrong.

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George MacDonald

The Prompter Room

For Tuesday, April 3, 2018:

Work is not always required … [T]here is such a thing as sacred idleness, the cultivation of which is now fearfully neglected.

George MacDonald

The Prompter Room

Perfect in Love

“God and Jesus and all of us that love Him, if indeed we love Him, may be made perfect in one; that is, there shall be no difference between God and us . 78 more words

George MacDonald