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My life has changed since my last post

Dear Readers,

There is something very sad I need to tell you before I continue with my book reviews and discussions. My last post (on Hobbes’  533 more words

Reading Life

Becoming Virtuous Never Feels Virtuous

George MacDonald’s classic fairy tale The Wise Woman is the penetrating story of two young girls—one the daughter of a king, the other of a shepherd, both thoroughly wicked and selfish. 1,302 more words


Into Heart and Brain

Dost thou mean sometimes that we should forget thee,

Dropping the veil of things ‘twixt thee and us?—

Ah, not that we should lose thee and regret thee! 34 more words


From George MacDonald's "The Light Princess"

Perhaps the best thing for the princess would have been to fall in love. But how a princess who had no gravity could fall into anything is a difficulty–perhaps THE difficulty. 376 more words

The Daily Poems

My Eternity

O Father, thou art my eternity.
Not on the clasp of consciousness—on thee

My life depends; and I can well afford

All to forget, so thou remember, Lord. 33 more words


The Graciousness of God

“Love one another” He taught us – “if you love me, love one another”. Jesus left us love for his legacy. He cared that the hearts he was loving should grow in personal affection for each other – genuine love, mother love, son love, husband love, wife love.

141 more words

The Differing Mark

Keep me, Lord, with thee. I call from out the dark—Hear in thy light, of which I am a spark.

I know not what is mine and what is thine—

36 more words