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Psychological Inconsistencies

There is also the psychological contradiction involved in thinking that Hell exists. I do not think it an overstatement to say that believing in it – that is, truly believing in it – makes life unbearable and choice impossible. 1,290 more words

CS Lewis

Make Up Your Mind!

“I’m going to need to pray about it.” If anything used to make me roll my eyes that statement was it. I couldn’t imagine why the speaker didn’t just slip on their big person panties, look at the facts and then make a decision. 457 more words

Unafraid To Die

Two Greek Words

But does the doctrine of eternal damnation have the full support of Scripture?

Look at the two most cited words necessary for its belief: Hell and eternal. 705 more words

CS Lewis

A Self Rectifying Mechanism

You quote MacDonald as believing that “not even omnipotence can make a man repent.” But surely you are not blind to the other half of what the man constantly taught? 1,730 more words

CS Lewis

The Master's Theodicy

I take MacDonald’s theodicy to be spelled out most clearly and shortly at the end of his last book, Salted with Fire (in fact in the last paragraph), though you can find the same elements latent in several other things he wrote. 611 more words

CS Lewis

Two Kinds of Personal Causation

You’re quite right to observe I distinguish between different kinds of personal “causation.” There is the stuff that we cause consciously, and then there are things we cause unconsciously. 1,275 more words

CS Lewis

Commonplace Contemplations

From my commonplace book…

I told my people that God had created all our worships, reverences, tendernesses, loves. That they had come out of His heart and were put into us because they were in Him first.

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Family And Faith