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FREE Footage!

In honor of the Indie LIBRE logo, I’ve decided to share some good news! The Public Domain Project has made 10,000 film clips, 64,000 images, and hundreds of audio files free to use for your creative endeavors.   78 more words


Happy birthday, George Melies

Today is the birthday of French silent-film illusionist George Melies (1861-1938).

Melies was the George Lucas of his day, only without the latter-day technology. He used every trick in the book — stop-motion, elaborate sets, and color painted directly onto the film frames — to evoke a fantasy world unlike any other. 162 more words

Silent Film

Film History: Film Pioneers from the 1800s

Film wouldn’t be what it is today, if it weren’t for the following five pioneers of 19th century cinema. They pushed the boundaries of what was possible, and their contributions have had a lasting effect. 527 more words

Film Theory

Media Post Week 2

  The film I chose was the Merry Frolics of Satan (1906) by Georges Melies. It is evident that all of Melies’ work has inspired and provided a basis for modern film. 199 more words

Media Post

Week 2 Media Post

I chose a film by Georges Méliès for my media post this week. The film is entitled “Le Diable Noir”. It was released in 1905 and depicts the mischievous antics of a devil upon an unsuspecting guest in a hotel.  246 more words

Media Post

Week 2 Media Post

I’m really blown away by how much narrative there is in these silent films. It’s like they really hold your hand through the whole film to show the typical audience at the time the moving pictures were not just something to document real time life. 180 more words

Le Voyage Dans la Lune

I have previously seen most of these short films, including Le Voyage Dans la Lune, yet it still remains my favorite. It is full of great practical effects from stop motion to matte paintings. 248 more words

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