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BHM 2018 #9: Second Generation of Black Congressmen

Wikipedia tells us that there were 4 generations of African-Americans in the House of Representatives. The first generation served during Reconstruction from 1870-1887. Here I will present the Congressmen of the Second Generation. 4,544 more words

The Top 5 Longreads of the Week

This week, we’re sharing stories from Masha Gessen, Molly Osberg, T. S. Mendola, Alexander Chee, and George Murray.

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Once a Nerd, Always a Nerd: D&D 4Eva

Bullied as a child in school in the 1980s, Canadian poet George Murray found solace in the make-believe world of Dungeons & Dragons, where he could become “a seven-foot-tall warrior who could punch the face off a troll.” At… 192 more words


What's in a Name?

By Heather Burke

Naming can be a means of identification, classification, control and transformation. For Europeans, the stability of their names—particularly their first names—is taken for granted. 1,236 more words

NMP Officers

Chichester's Admiral: Sir George Murray and the American War of Independence

Continuing our week of themed blog posts focussing on West Sussex links with America, today’s focus is on Royal Naval Officer (later Vice-Admiral) Sir George Murray, a Chichester local who saw service throughout the American War of Independence, as well as the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. 854 more words

twelve aphorisms


twelve aphorisms.

12 leaflets by Charles Bernstein, Christian Bök, Teresa Carmody, Craig Dworkin, Daniel Levin Becker, Nick Montfort, George Murray, Vanessa Place, Danny Snelson, Moez Surani, Hugo Vernier (as selected by derek beaulieu), Ludwig Wittgenstein (as selected by Marjorie Perloff). 11 more words

No Press

George Murray, from "#DaydreamBereaver"

List poems are fun. They’re fun to write, and they’re often fun to read. The poet has no obligation to follow a line of thought, or description, and so list poems lend themselves to free-wheeling non-sequitur, to invention, to play. 960 more words