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Listening to the Radio Go Silent at 3am

It was somewhere in the middle of nowhere,
dark, open country, ghost highway of the desert,
the radio crackled with static,
George Noory on Coast to Coast just talked to Reiki Master Gil Rhom Ni… 458 more words


The Show Will Go On!...

 I want to say THANK YOU!! to everyone that has followed this blog and have spread the word of our Dear Leader all over the interwebs.  55 more words

Congrats to NDE-r Peter Anthony, George Noory's guest this Sunday at midnight PST!

Peter was our guest speaker several years ago, and will be again on December 12th, 2015, sharing the profound experience he had in 1987 leading up to his death, what happened when he died, and the after-affects on his life since then. 50 more words

Near-death Experience

Happy Birthday George Senda!

Ha ha!!  just kidding bro!

Happy Birthday Mr.Senda!

63 years young with many more to come!!!


BREAKING NEWS: Senda's Detractors WIN BIG!!

It was NOT a good day for the #FALKIEARMY. It seems that when Falkie arrived at the expo (with his glasses taped to his face) to interview George Noory, Noory was “NOWHERE” to be be found! 113 more words

More Allegations of Abuse....

Much talk has resurfaced about a video that was taken last year by George “Falkie” Senda.

Forum members at bellgab.com are up in arms over the first minute and a half of a video which allegedly shows George Senda being extremely abusive to sweet Kathy. 132 more words

The Talented "coaster" Is at It Again!

For those who follow The General Musings Of Falkie2013 thread at bellgab.com, many may remember the video that forum member “coaster” made of George Senda a few months back. 93 more words