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The Moon: Not Just for Freemasons!

I know what you’re thinking already: “What the fuuuuuuuck?”

Let me explain. I’m often awake at all hours of the night/morning doing various and sundry things, and even some writing while I’m at it. 1,422 more words

Coast to Coast Satanist George Noory teams up with Satanist Joel Wallach to scam the public

I personally was responsible for putting Joel Wallach’s “snake oil” agenda on air in Kansas City when I was a “talk show host” on KCXL 1140 out of Liberty Missouri. 695 more words

Barack Obama : Cross Dressing Lizard Queen From Planet Zork

People have  lived in fear of Barack Obama long before he became president. Most of these are irrational fears. To some he is a foreigner , a socialist , a communist , a Nazi , gay , a Muslim.  1,272 more words


Coast to Coast AM - August 12, 2015 Synchronicities & Crop Circles

Published on Aug 13, 2015

Coast to Coast AM – August 12, 2015 Synchronization & Crop Circles

Jungian psychology expert Gary S. Bobroff (hours 2 & 4) and systems and management consultant Cynthia Cavalli (hours 3 & 4) spoke about the role of synchronicity, and how it relates to such things as consciousness, crop circles, and the work of Carl Jung and Rupert Sheldrake. 374 more words

Coast To Coast AM - August 10, 2015 Shemitah Cycles, Healing & Dreams

Published on Aug 11, 2015

Coast To Coast AM – August 10, 2015 Shemitah Cycles, Healing & Dreams

In the first half, historian and expert in ancient mysteries Jonathan Cahn discussed how omens and cycles from ancient texts are reappearing with startling similarities to the events which foretold the destruction and fall of great civilizations. 376 more words


Falkie-potamus, it looks like I’m up in your area now.

Oh my!

As I write this, I am on the Richmond bridge, on my way up north to visit the fambam. 33 more words