‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ – and 2017 by James Harting

‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ – and 2017

By James Harting

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, his famous novel about a dystopian future, George Orwell explains how a tyrannical government calling itself “Big Brother” keeps its citizens servile and docile. 351 more words

Why I Write/Things I Don't Want to Know

I was hoping to have got another post up here before now, but the year’s got off to a sluggish start and I haven’t hit my reading stride yet. 900 more words


Novels to make you think

Being tied up with university and far too many deadlines has meant my reading for pleasure is on hold for the moment. I miss it. I got so many books for Christmas, and had to leave them all behind *sob*. 451 more words


george orwell's animal farm

Animal Farm is the second George Orwell’s novel after 1984 that I downloaded from the internet. The novel was first published in England on 17 August 1945, the exact day Indonesians had their independence. 840 more words


[Book Review] Animal Farm by George Orwell

“The only good human being is a dead one.”
– Animal Farm, George Orwell

On a farm in England, the lazy and incompetent farmer Mr. Jones completely neglects his livestock. 577 more words


Hello sweet world!

Finally the day has come where I am motivated enough to begin my blog.
This idea has been cultivating since my freshman year of high school and yet… 320 more words


Quitting, The Bike Shed, Triumph Street Triple, Saying Goodbye, 1984, Canterbury Ride


As the title suggests, this week has been a busy one.

I ended last week having a lot to think about, and I started this week off by making a big decision to quit bodybuilding and to pull out of the competition I was working towards. 768 more words

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