Big Brother Is Watching You

So no prizes for guessing the basis of this blog. Though if you do think i’m referring to the channel 4 (or is it 5 now? 362 more words

Only Human - but are we made of flesh and blood?

When I studied for my art degree and many years later for my MA, I chose a similar theme each time for my dissertation.

I’ve always been fascinated in what exactly it is that makes us ‘human’ as we understand it – not just in a physical sense. 303 more words


I wasn’t tag but I don’t care I do what I want. I have always wanted to do this tag okay.

Creator of the Tag… 665 more words


The Breastplate of Sanity

You may get a million people to march in the streets and chant that 2+2=5.

You may get the highest court to rule that 2+2=5 is now the law of the land. 71 more words

Call To Arms

The Corryvreckan

The world’s third largest maelstrom, the Corryvreckan, lies in wait between the isles of Jura and Scarba, Scotland.  Being where it is, it is bound to not only have a history worth repeating, but is bound to have stories, myths and tales attached to it. 355 more words


Lego 1984

The Lego Movie

Tea: Coconut Sencha Tea

There was a rather odd conversation I overheard once: People argued whether it was acceptable to make a movie about toys, all the while wearing a Transformers T-Shirt. 1,042 more words