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1984– George Orwell

Long Walk to Freedom– Nelson Mandela


Post-apocalyptic Reads- Joffre White's Fallout 5

This week’s Post-apocalyptic reads is from author Joffre White. As well as his own writing Joffre White promotes the importance of reading and writing by visiting schools and libraries in the UK. 360 more words


How to get students reading

Being a student is hard. I believe this sentiment goes double for middle school students. Their brains are still developing and don’t quite have the ability to discern what is important or appropriate. 642 more words


Destination: North Korea (Part IV)

Sometime around mid-morning, as we continued our tour of the sights of Pyongyang, I figured out where I really was—smack dab in the middle of George Orwell’s… 718 more words


Book review: 1984

Not too bad. This was a very inspiring book but its character development wasn’t as good as I had expected……The torture part was very disturbing and honestly I didn’t quite enjoy it. 24 more words

Book Reviews

Q&A: David Lyon talks about surveillance after Snowden

Two years ago, U.S. intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden began revealing the extent of electronic surveillance of citizens by the United States and its allies, including Canada. 591 more words