“The moral is, never be sorry for a waiter. Sometimes when you sit in a restaurant, still stuffing yourself half an hour after closing time, you feel that the tired waiter at your side must surely be despising you. 771 more words


City of Burmese Days: A Tale of Evolution


George Orwell and Cassandra Clare walk into a bar. Orwell says “Racism racism racism everywhere!” and Clare says “ERMEHGERD DEMONS!” and everyone else in the bar gets scared and leaves. 414 more words


The Remaking Released!

The Remaking is now out both on Kindle and paperback. Pick it up, give it a read, and review it!

It’s something of a crossover between  30 more words


"I Love My Big,” Declares Sister in Fear of Going Against Big Sister’s Totalitarian Regime

The Black and Blue Jay conducted an anonymous interview with a new sorority member claiming that her Big has set up an authoritarian regime to track her at all times. 296 more words

Jack Common, The Ampersand and 21st Century Newcastle

The latest in our series of Jack Common guest blogs sees Tom Draper reflecting on the timelessness of Common’s body of work, with particular reference to The Ampersand.  1,575 more words

Anti - Reproductive Rights bills in 10 States ...

By  CAP Action War Room

More Anti-Abortion Bills Threaten Reproductive Rights In Ten States

Abortion rates declined by 13 percent over three years according to the latest data, with researchers finding an increase in birth control use having a more significant effect than restrictive abortion laws. 593 more words

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Rory Gilmore Update - Number Two

Doing the Rory Gilmore reading challenge means reading works that are almost impossible to read, or works that you may not have a great deal to write about. 495 more words