Penguin Modern Classics

One of the ways I love organising my books is by series and I thought I’d show off my Penguin Modern Classics today. There’s something so nice about having white spines with little penguins lined up on my bookshelf.  346 more words


No longer fit to be free

Those who wonder why so many show little desire to be free from ISO accreditation might reflect on Peter Hitchens’ comments on leaving the EU.  Slavery is freedom. 537 more words


Brave New World by Aldous Huxley [Book Review]

Brave New World contains viewpoints and ideas that I have never read before. Even among others with a dystopian setting this rings as unique even in the 80 or so years since it has been published. 269 more words


You, a Slave: The Socialist Dreams of Politicians

By Steve Orcutt

There’s a concerted effort to change America into a socialist nation by those in power.  They are doing this to concentrate the power for themselves.  901 more words


"1984" by George Orwell Review

The Wordplay in “1984” is it’s most powerful attribute. Orwell either takes words at face value and uses their literate meaning like the “2 minutes hate” where the people of Oceania literally stand and scream hateful things at a picture of Emmanuel Goldstein for two minutes everyday . 237 more words



By George Orwell

I first read 1984 back in 1983 because my mother wanted me to read the book before the year named actually occurred. Since then, it’s remained one of my favorite books. 806 more words

Book Reviews

George Orwell: 6 Questions/6 Rules.

George Orwell has earned the right to be called one of the finer writers in the English language through such novels as 1984, Animal Farm, and Down and Out in Paris and London, and essays like “Shooting an Elephant.” 214 more words