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The ones that get away

Recently, I noticed that a series of books I’d been curious about in the past was becoming easier to find at my local library: Wild Cards.   943 more words

Rapio, Rapere, Raptus Sum: Sexual Violence, Natural Selection, and A Song of Ice and Fire (by Bethany)

I’ve spent a good chunk of my time these last few months avoiding articles about Game of Thrones on social media. Every Monday morning while Season 5 was still airing, my Facebook feed overflowed with outrage about the violence and depravity in the previous evening’s episode, but I’ve been determined to imbibe this series – on the page and on screen – at my own pace. 1,878 more words

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Helping Game of Thrones become more authentic

If you will recall my last post I spoke about how dear Georgie said he felt compelled to put certain things in his work for the sake of authentically in order to show how life “really” was during medieval times of warfare (minus of course the dragons).  1,054 more words

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#Fridayreads(7/3/15) - A Game of Thrones

Hey Bibliomaniacs,

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday, and are ready for the July 4th weekend. My Friday, was spent watching pixel movies, cleaning the house and taking naps. 267 more words


Unfinished Business: The Kindle Firsts Edition

A while back I joined Amazon’s Kindle First newsletter, which sends you an email at the start of every month giving you a choice of four new books which you can have for free until the end of the month. 574 more words