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Opus Questions with Madeleine Swann

Much like the late great H.P. Lovecraft, I believe that the most merciful thing regarding humanity is our inability to grasp the whole of anything. If we could somehow piece together the great mysteries of life, said knowledge would cause us to go scampering off, mad from whatever terrifying revelation that came our way, sending us screaming gleefully from the light and into another Dark Age. 642 more words


Thursday already!

I guess you know by now that when I put the name of the day in my blog title, nothing much is going to happen that day. 152 more words

Delay of Game... Of Thrones...

So the word has come down that HBO is officially looking to start forging its own path on the Game of Thrones TV series, since despite his five book lead on them, George R. 878 more words


The Lamest Attempt to Predict Release Date of Winds of Winter? Practically #JennyMath

If there is one site Jenny could hate more than BoxOfficeMojo, it is Nate Silver’s 538. That site exists to quantify EVERYTHING, so it is all math, all the time. 245 more words

Game Of Thrones

Dungeons and Dragons: Game of Thrones from the Gamer Perspective

This post is going to use HBO’s excellent show Game of Thrones as a thinly-veiled framework for me to provide anecdotes about my misspent youth, playing fantasy role-playing games with my friends. 3,892 more words


Not sure how I feel about this

So I think we all know this was going to happen.  The show Game of Thrones was going to end before the final book is published.  277 more words


[Re-Read] A Clash of Kings - Bran V


Alebelly comes to get Bran because there has been a message from Robb. He takes him to Maester Luwin’s turret, where Rickon, Big Walder, and Little Walder have already gathered. 2,079 more words