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A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

-George S. Patton


General Patton and the Shite Grave

On his daily lunchtime walks, Boyfriend has taken to unearthing tiny bits of the long-forgotten history of Oakland. They are made for one another in this regard, he and Oakland. 958 more words


George S. Patton personally owned sterling silver box

General Patton’s personally-owned sterling silver box presented to him near the beginning of WWII by six officers of his 304th Tank Brigade from WWI, measuring 7.25 x 3.5 x 2.5, handsomely engraved on the top, “Auld Lang Syne, from Officers of World War I Light Tanks,” with an engraved emblem of a hand holding a dagger. 237 more words

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Hancock, Hannibal and Hitler

I have chosen to keep the alliterative title for this post, though it proves mistaken.  Below appears an e-mail exchange of August 20, 2013 between Brian Williard, O.B.M., and myself.  550 more words

The Homeless Blogger

"Through a glass, darkly"

In this poem, George S. Patton sets forth his impressions of his previous lives.

Leadership, Patton and Jesus
Hancock, Hannibal and Hitler

THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY… 600 more words

The Homeless Blogger

Patton Revew

Patton is a movie my Dad loves, but I just never got around to see it even though my family owns a Blu-ray copy which is located 20ft away from the computer that I’m typing this review on. 941 more words

Francis Ford Coppola