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Social Justice - Ready for the Revolution

By Matt Johnson

Starting a Social Justice movement is only the first step towards justice, equity, opportunity, and liberty. As has been seen from past and present movements, it takes an initial spark or idea to start it, but it takes knowledge and dedication to mold it into a recognizable entity and it takes hard work and dedication to keep it moving as it gains ground. 1,074 more words

19th Amendment

Noonan: Misplaying America’s Hand With Iran

The president’s desperation for a foreign-policy legacy is leading toward a bad nuclear deal—and a dangerous one

Peggy Noonan writes: Barack Obama, six years into his presidency, does not have a foreign-policy legacy—or, rather, he does and it’s bad. 756 more words

War Room

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

-George S. Patton


General Patton and the Shite Grave

On his daily lunchtime walks, Boyfriend has taken to unearthing tiny bits of the long-forgotten history of Oakland. They are made for one another in this regard, he and Oakland. 958 more words


George S. Patton personally owned sterling silver box

General Patton’s personally-owned sterling silver box presented to him near the beginning of WWII by six officers of his 304th Tank Brigade from WWI, measuring 7.25 x 3.5 x 2.5, handsomely engraved on the top, “Auld Lang Syne, from Officers of World War I Light Tanks,” with an engraved emblem of a hand holding a dagger. 237 more words

RR Autograph Auction

Hancock, Hannibal and Hitler

I have chosen to keep the alliterative title for this post, though it proves mistaken.  Below appears an e-mail exchange of August 20, 2013 between Brian Williard, O.B.M., and myself.  550 more words

The Homeless Blogger