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The futility of war

An open letter to Ian Greenhalgh of “Veterans Today”

Dear Ian,

I recently watched a short clip from the movie “Patton”, to find out why you were making such a big deal about him as being some kind of military hero with “balls the size of Texas”. 711 more words

Veterans Today

Quote of the Week

I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.

-George S. Patton

Just About Anything

George S. Patton Diaries Added to Library of Congress Digital Archives

New on the Library of Congress Web site: the diaries of George S. Patton. “The diaries, 1910-1945, digitized for this online presentation, illustrate Patton’s activities during the Mexican Punitive Expedition, World War I, and World War II. 21 more words

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Another Good Book

Recently I wrote about how much I enjoyed The Steel Wave by Jeff Shaara. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning more about World War II, focusing on the Normandy Invasion up to the Battle of the Bulge. 583 more words

World War II

Leadership: Courage

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer. George S. Patton


Doppelgängers or clones?


The Duchess of Cambridge has been confused with a woman 10 years her junior: Pauline Ferrand-Prévot from the French cycling team, who does vaguely resemble Kate. 90 more words


Politics of War

Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard is an interesting book. After leading U.S. forces to many victories, General Patton is put out to pasture before the war is over in Japan. 183 more words