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The Fifty Women Challenge: 'The Naiad: A Ghost Story' by George Sand ***

One of my selections our 50 Women Challenge was George Sand, a pseudonym for the nineteenth-century French author Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin.  I have wanted to read her work for such a long time, but rather than plump for one of her novels, due to time constraints I decided to settle for a novella. 233 more words

Breaking: George Sand is not, in fact, a male.

Every once in a while I become obsessed with a person, alive or dead, usually an artistic figure.

Right now, it’s George Sand. I catch myself casually musing about George Sand and browsing Saint-Laurent for menswear type items (and don’t kid yourself, I can’t afford it, I tack it up as “research”.) 602 more words


Generals Exams

I have generals exams quickly coming up and thought it might be slightly more enjoyable for me and hopefully helpful for both me and other students in similar situations if I put my notes up. 28 more words


Majorca Mallorca Mine

I knew almost nothing about Marjorca (i.e. Mallorca) when I landed there for my writers retreat. I was “all about the writing, the writing, no vacation..” Even so, I couldn’t help wanting to put part of my experience there in words. 469 more words


Palma & Valldemossa

I didn’t fall in love with Palma, I must admit. Also I got lost trying to find my way back to my group’s meeting point, though luckily met members of the group just before I lost myself even more and was late. 29 more words


Profile of a World-Changer: George Sand

Most of us suffer under the delusion that we, as individuals, are powerless to make much difference on a planet that’s home to more than seven billion people—not to mention some enormous corporate interests that are intent on preserving our current murderous practices vis-à-vis our environment.    270 more words


Les papillons ne sont que des fleurs envolées

“Les papillons ne sont que des fleurs envolées un jour de fête où la nature était en veine d’invention et de fécondité.” “Butterflies are but flowers that blew away one sunny day when Nature was feeling at her most inventive and fertile.” George Sand. The photo: © Roberto Malfatti

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