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sebenta – Journal of a Queer Retreat VIII

« I believe she sought for the male power, she wanted to feel independent and capable of everything, like a “man” – and this is not that different from what Preciado communicates in some of her texts.» 389 more words


#5 Stack of Reviews

Hello readers!

Another stack of reviews for the 50 Women Writers challenge.

The Devil’s Pool by George Sand

Two expectations I had out of this novella were some feminist critiquing and beautiful descriptions of the scenery and setting. 395 more words


Deep red and pink sunsets are some of the most beautiful things in this world. Remember to stop and look next sunset.


“The old womanI shall become will be quite different from the woman I am now. 48 more words


What you cannot see in this picture is a fantastic amount of birds circling and a Ganesha Immersion going on in a pool behind this beautiful lake. 59 more words


Spotlight on George Sand

Life – July 1, 1804 | June 8, 1876

Best Known For – Her novels and memoirs as well as her many publicized romantic affairs… 124 more words


day five - on kindness

Gardez bien en vous ce tresor, la gentillesse. Sachez donner sans retenue, perdre sans regret, acquirer sans mesquinerie.

George Sand

Guard well within you, this treasure kindness.

18 more words