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And why not philosophy at the margin?

Given philosophy’s marginal status in American culture—a status it has variously and sometimes concurrently  suffered, struggled against, and sought—perhaps “philosophy at the margin” seems a more apt title. 468 more words


Two years ago I was drowning. It was a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and I had to deal with a crazy family emergency that forced me to make some tough decisions and left me a little traumatized in the process. 972 more words

Adventures In Unemployment

Vallan Lait

”Valta tarkoittaa yleisesti jonkun tai jonkin oikeutta tai mahdollisuutta hallita jotakuta, määrätä tai päättää jostakin.” –Wikipedia

Joukkueessa ja yritysvalmennuksissa puhumme usein periaatteista. Niitä on monenlaisia, ja painovoima helppo esimerkki. 2,179 more words


The world is one big family, and we need to help each other!

These are some of the most powerful family quotes to share. No matter how you see family to be, they are the important people in our lives. 59 more words


Religion is valid poetry...

“…morality and spirit, in my view, express specific and contrary vital interests, as in politics. To assert that one such political or vital interest, say the Jewish or the Anglo-Saxon, coincides with the total inspiration of the universe, is egotism… 244 more words



“I felt more joyful and breathed more freely, when I passed to the southern coast, and saw something Greek. Agrigentum, in its desolation, left much to the imagination, but stirred it deeply. 369 more words


The Idea of God

“Was the idea of God alive at all in me? No: if you mean the traditional idea. But that was a symbol, vague, variable, mythical, anthropomorphic; the symbol for an overwhelming reality, a symbol that named and unified in human speech the incalculable powers on which our destiny depends. 137 more words