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What’s the job of a good parent?

raising a child suitable and capable of taking over the reign?

True, the joy of every parent is seeing, 76 more words


Sierra Club Daily Ray of Hope

Repetition is the only form of permanence that Nature can achieve. ~ George Santayana

Photo by Fe Langdon | Palo Alto, California… 6 more words


Acting out of Fear

The saying goes “it takes more effort to get the ball rolling than to keep it going.” That’s true. Left unsaid, though, is that it takes even more energy to stop the damned thing before it destroys you. 2,042 more words

Everybody Has One (what I'm Complaining About Now)

07/18/16 - When Will It Stop


People left flowers, candles and other tributes in Nice, France, on Saturday in memory of those killed in Thursday’s terror attack in the coastal city. 605 more words

I'm Tired Of Being Ordinary

Not Saying Frienemy

This sentence is a lot shorter than the last one; and unlike the last one, I don’t know who wrote it. It goes like this: 999 more words

In Defence of Simplicity: Review of Tolu’ Akinyemi’s I Laugh at These Skinny Girls

At first blush, the title of this book would suggest body-shaming, a particular kind of body-shaming targeted at ‘skinny girls’ who are possibly influenced by the glamourization of ultra-thin models in the entertainment industry; ‘skinny girls’ who have possibly been brainwashed by the media to pursue skinniness through self-starvation and other unhealthy means; skinny girls who should rather be ‘understood’ and even celebrated. 1,288 more words