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Dear George @gsiemens

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Dear George,

This talk was brought to my attention on Twitter via… 2,124 more words


Questions about online 'openness'

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  • What motivates academics and teachers to get involved in areas of practice that are NOT supported by their institutions?
  • Why invest even longer hours in supporting educational practice?
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Education, Innovation, Quality and "Disruption"

George Siemens first gained prominence in 2008 when he helped invent the massive, open, online course, better known by its acronym, the MOOC.  MOOCs quickly evolved into something rather different from what Siemens had imagined, but that didn’t stop him from agreeing to head up the Gates-funded MOOC Research Initiative, which seeks to bring hard data to bear on specific questions about how this online format might actually be useful.  1,074 more words


Connectivism: It's all about the nodes

The point I took away from the materials covering connectivism  as a learning theory is that the information is out there and learners have to make the connections to the information for themselves through networks of people with like-minded interest in a topic, the internet, their peers, and experts in the field. 457 more words

Adult As Learner

Online Courses vs. Traditional Classrooms: Study shows pros do not outweigh cons

In recent years, education as a whole has seen a major shift toward tech in the classroom. Then what happens when you take the classroom out of the picture? 416 more words

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