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Dr. Kevin Barrett wants to see the best of you!

As we can tell from the above YouTube video, Dr Kevin Barrett is an extreme fan of the music of Prince – because Prince was allegedly a 9/11 ‘truther’.   1,169 more words


There is no ISIS

There’s only Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel, Gregor Gysi, Barbara Lerner Specter, Schwartz Gyorgy, Federica Mogerini, Peter Sutherland, Jean Claude Junker, Pope Francis, Stefanie von Berg… 396 more words

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Police officer shot in Indianapolis

An Indianapolis Metro Police Department officer was shot during a traffic stop on Monday. An occupant of the vehicle seems to have fired at the officer, whose condition is still unknown. 201 more words

Wanting to be Wrong

Benedict Evans recently tweeted the following: “Do not discuss things with people who do not accept disagreement, and do not correct people who do not care if they’re wrong… 1,956 more words

Lessons Learned

Obama: Liar or Lunatic?

This man is either totally out of touch with reality or he’s a liar.

Well, there is one other possibility and that is that he is carrying out a larger plan orchestrated by something or someone MUCH bigger than him. 294 more words