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Candidate Hillary Clinton Releases "Rules" that "Everyday Americans" Must Follow If Participating In Her Events...

The Clinton Rules for meeting candidate Clinton are coming to light.  After recent events in Iowa some reporters were able to talk to the limited number of  “everyday Americans” who… 89 more words

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This is Clinton transparency, get use to it!

The Arsenal Of Democracy

“They have given their sons to the military services. They have stoked the furnaces and hurried the factory wheels.
They have made the planes and welded the tanks, riveted the ships and rolled the shells.”

1,173 more words

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We could never do this again all our production is in China!

Potential Republican candidate Carly Fiorina claims she could neutralize Hillary Clinton in 2016 Presidential race

 Carly Fiorina is exploring a Presidential run in 2016 as a potential Republican candidate. I have to be honest here: I know nothing about her but I think that is forgivable because she is not a politician and in fact has never held a political office before. 516 more words


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So far she has been able to made a good case that she should be the next President. Mostly because she isn't afraid to speak out.

Video: Robert Spencer on Hillary Clinton’s War On Free Speech

The following is the video of Robert Spencer’s recent talk at the Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club on April 14, 2015.

He discussed “Hillary Clinton’s War On Free Speech”:

Freedom Of Speech

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Free Speech the 1st amendment and its the most important --- that is why we have so many restrictions on what we can say!

Michelle Obama Mandated School Lunch Goes From Bad To Worse...

Yuck… but hey, the school says it’s compliant with Michelle’s dictates.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – That’s not really a fish filet with a whole wheat bun resting on top. 160 more words


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They may meet the standards but they also set the standards so they always meet the standards even if you would die if you tried to live off what they serve!

Muslim 'No-Go Zones' in US Cities, Says NRA Speaker

TheLipTV, Apr 2015

Islamic extremists are invading US cities, according to Author Steve Tarani who said that he had witnessed Muslim “no-go zones” while shadowing a Detroit Metro SWAT team in Dearborn, Michigan….

Time: 04:49

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

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Islamic Jihad Comes to Campus

Frontpage, April 17, 2015 by David Horowitz:

The world is witnessing a resurgence of global anti-Semitism not seen since the 1930s and the “Final Solution.” In the Middle East, Hitler-admiring regimes like Iran, and Hitler-admiring parties like Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, are openly planning to finish the job the Nazis started. 681 more words

Counter Jihad Report

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Those that want war almost always start this way.