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Trump’s Nominees, So Far. by Billy Roper

Trump’s Nominees, So Far.

By Billy Roper

For his White House Counsel, tax attorney Don McGahan. Where’s he been for the last twenty years, when the POTUS-elect really needed him? 487 more words

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Trumpland: The Stark Differences Between President Obama (and Hillary) and President-Elect Trump

What are the most stark differences between the administration of President Obama and the incoming president Donald Trump?

Wall Street’s Citigroup runs the white house under Obama, and would likely have done so under Hillary Clinton. 440 more words

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Civil Rights’ Groups Fearmongering Over Trump “Hate Crimes” Backed Hillary

Clinton donations expose political agenda behind calls for Trump to reconsider “racist” Cabinet picks

CounterJihad, by Paul Sperry, December 2, 2016:

A coalition of self-described “civil rights groups” tarring GOP President-elect Donald Trump and his advisers as “white supremacists” unleashing “hate crimes” against Muslims and other minorities is made up of Democrat activists who endorsed or donated heavily to Hillary Clinton, federal records show. 934 more words

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Trump will deliver the change that Obama promised

8 years later, not much has changed under Obama

Remember all those big blue signs that read “Change” during the Obama run for the presidency? Remember the pledge Obama made about “Transparency”? 288 more words


Donald Trump is a Maniac!

President-elect Donald Trump is now behaving like an absolute maniac, and is totally selling-out to the hard-core, neo-con, CFR globalists – thus shocking his American supporters as he goes back on his word – on absolutely every election promise he has ever made:  Jail Hillary Clinton – rubbished! 361 more words


Green Party to Jill Stein - Why?

The main stream media will probably not report this but the Green Party is upset with Jill Stein’s recount movement. Even they wonder why she is pursuing the recount when she doesn’t have a chance to win. 559 more words