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Jonas can hardly wait to pick up his best friend Philip from the airport, the two of them embarking on a road trip that will take them on rural German roads towards Jonas’s family’s country estate for some much needed catch-up time, reunited after the years they spent as roommates when Jonas lived in London.   150 more words

LGBT Cinema

Superman 5 - a rival paper in Metropolis, and Superman's shape shifting ability

Two of the four stories in Superman 5 (Summer 1940) are significant, both are by Siegel and Cassidy, but Shuster only does the pencils on the second, the Luthor story. 317 more words

Superman 4 - Luthor hits Metropolis with an earthquake, and raises a sunken city

Superman 4 (Spring 1940) is the first issue of the comic to actually be what the series is renowned for being: original stories all featuring one character.  296 more words

Superman 3 - Lois Lane schemes to be a reporter

Superman 3 (Winter 1940) contains a mix of reprints.  Two of the stories are from early issues of Action Comics, and two are recut and coloured newspaper strips. 217 more words

Superman 2 - Superman helps a boxer, ends a war, and solves the skyscraper murders

Superman 2 (Fall 1939) contains three stories, all by Siegel, Shuster and Paul Cassidy, which are reprints from the daily Superman newspaper strip, recut and coloured. 244 more words

Three gold frames

What some may not realize about the job of a curator is that a lot of their time is spent problem solving. The work that goes into caring for museum collections can sometimes involve trouble shooting issues or finding the best support for a fragile item. 1,795 more words

Action 484 - Superman marries Lois Lane

Cary Bates, Curt Swan and Joe Giella craft a true landmark story as Clark Kent and Lois Lane get married in Action 484 (June 1978). 385 more words