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Three gold frames

What some may not realize about the job of a curator is that a lot of their time is spent problem solving. The work that goes into caring for museum collections can sometimes involve trouble shooting issues or finding the best support for a fragile item. 1,795 more words

Action 484 - Superman marries Lois Lane

Cary Bates, Curt Swan and Joe Giella craft a true landmark story as Clark Kent and Lois Lane get married in Action 484 (June 1978). 385 more words

The Virtuoso Organist: Tudor and Jacobean Masterworks

The Virtuoso Organist: Tudor and Jacobean Masterworks
Stephen Farr, organ, Choir of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge Resonus RES10143. 68’35
William Byrd, John Bull, Thomas Tallis, Thomas Tomkins, John Blitheman & Orlando Gibbons. 498 more words

Andrew Benson-Wilson

Action 16 - Superman takes on gambling, Pep's back to being a bodyguard, Clip Carson vs Cheops, and Zatara goes to Saturn

Although Action 16 (Sept. 39) features a generic cover image, the bullet with Superman in it is now firmly in place in the upper left hand corner, where it will remain as it alters over the years, transforming into the DC bullet. 418 more words

Action 12 - Superman smashes cars, Scoop goes to the hospital, Pep stops an assassination, and Zatara visits the 4th Dimension

Zatara gets the cover of Action 12 (May 1939), but despite travelling to the 4th Dimension in his story in this issue, he does not take a cool art deco rocket.  582 more words

Action 7 - Superman joins the circus, Pep Morgan kicks it, and Bob Daley rescues Tex Thompson

Superman gets his second cover, in Action 7 (Dec. 39).  It does not reflect the story in the issue, but it does somewhat resemble the opening scenes from the Superman story in issue 2. 353 more words

Action 5 - the first real Superman story, and Zatara in Egypt

Oh, that guy on the cover of Action 5 (Oct. 38) is in lots of trouble!  He cannot possibly have survived.  That’s probably why there is no story about him in the comic. 474 more words