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Trials & Tribulations: The King’s Speech


The British monarchy has its share of personalities. Some monarchs raised their throne to unprecedented power; others took it too far. 903 more words

If it's not baroque...

As a recent convert to the adult-colouring-book craze, I can absolutely understand an appreciation for the fine arts*. In all seriousness though, I get the appeal of a first date spent visiting an art gallery or museum. 392 more words

“Cast a cold eye on life, on death...” (5)

An occasional series of vignettes of the past, drawn from the archives I use.

Among the archives of the Middlesex County Council is this letter from the painter Dame Laura Knight (1877-1970), well known, amongst other things, for her fascination with the circus, and for her work as a war artist: 322 more words

Wives and Widows

I have a widow’s peak. When I was very young, my mother explained that it was a sign of beauty. I don’t know what her references were, but I was at the age when I grabbed at compliments like I would handfuls of candy, so I accepted her observation willingly. 728 more words

1937 – GEORGE VI – FREEMAN 217 – DIES 1+A

1937 – GEORGE VI – FREEMAN 219 – DIES 1+B

1937 – GEORGE VI – FREEMAN 221 – DIES 2+B… 72 more words

George VI

#1 - Beethoven's Seventh

It was a winter evening in 2010, and I was watching The King’s Speech, a fantastic movie that would go on to win Best Picture at the Oscars.  152 more words


National Maritime Museum

When you think of Greenwich, there are a couple of things that you think of. It’s an important spot in world geography and history because it is where time begins, as it were, marking the meridian line. 535 more words