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Defending the Faith of George Washington

As indicated in a recent Preview regarding the subject of George Washington’s faith, there is proof that the General of the American Revolution and first President of the United States was, indeed, Christian. 2,075 more words


Review: The Return of George Washington

The Return of George WashingtonEdward J. Larson. New York: Morrow, 2014.

Summary: An account of the life of George Washington, between his retirement as General of the Continental Army in 1783 until his inauguration as the first president under the new U.S. 741 more words

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Up The Wrong Tree

The most powerful man in China is in les Etats Unis this week, and he has come bearing a gift … of sorts.  But while traditional media ‘analysts’ are focusing their attention on weighty policy matters such as… 508 more words

George Washington Knew How to Fight...And When Not to Fight...

Today in History, April 22, 1793:

President George Washington issues a Proclamation of Neutrality, making it clear to the great powers of Europe, and France in particular, that the newly born United States would not participate in a war then sweeping the old countries. 542 more words

VIDEO: REFUTING THE ROOT'S George Washington and Slave Teeth


The key sentence in this whole video is at 0:26 and says Washington dentures used human teeth that “LIKELY came from the mouths of slaves”. 596 more words


VIDEO: REFUTING HIDDEN COLORS 3: Did George Washington use his slaves teeth for dentures?

“What George Washington did was he had the teeth of his african slaves yanked out of their mouths and he made dentures out of those teeth” (Tariq Nasheed in Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism). 978 more words


So, They're Moving "Fearless Girl"

The following is a rant, plain and simple. According to CNBC, the statue of the little girl will be moved from its current position by the end of the year. 445 more words

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