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The Freeform Nature Of The Shape-Shifting Presidency

We owe that statement to George Will. On MSNBC’s ’11th Hour With Brian Williams’ Thursday, 20 April 2017, he added that the Presidency of Donald Trump is like ‘Open Mic Night at the Improve’. 1,310 more words

George Will Article on the House Freedom Caucus

I was happy to see the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) helped defeat the lousy (first?) attempt to change (not repeal) ObamaCare.  I admired them for taking a stand.*  Despite heavy pressure from their own party and the White House, it seemed like they were standing on principle. 251 more words

Napolitano Benched At Fox News

Yes, he’s acerbic. Yes, he’s bold, brassy, and opinionated. But was he actually right? That seems to be the question regarding Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano, who was benched earlier in the week for comments he made tying the British to the Obama bugging Trump Tower story. 491 more words

Thanking George Will -- that's right, George Will -- for zeroing in on the potentially disastrous consequences of having a President who can't be trusted to tell the truth.

Today on Meet the Press, George Will joined a growing group of conservative thinkers who — temporarily setting aside deeply held beliefs on the public policy and  role of government  — have expressed a more basic and profound concern about what it means when nothing a President  says can be trusted. 69 more words


Nine quotes about baseball; and I didn’t even include any of those by Yogi Berra, who said, “If you come a fork in the road, take it.” Or for that matter, the famousu words of Chicago Cubs star Ernie Banks who said, “Let’s Play Two.” 740 more words

Thoughts On Stuff

George F. Will: Who will protect Americans from the protectors? | New Hampshire


The American Enterprise Institute’s James Pethokoukis notes that parts come from South Korea, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, Germany and the United States. Components of Boeing airliners’ wings come from Japan, South Korea and Australia; horizontal stabilizers and center fuselages from Italy; cargo access doors from Sweden; passenger entry doors from France; landing gear doors from Canada; engines and landing gear from Britain. 130 more words

"There is no reason for the sheriffs to want to reform a racket that lines their pockets. "

First, Trump is lying.

If he’s not lying, he was given bad information.

And if he was given bad information, the fact that he failed to fact-check his information means that he’s loose with facts and is okay with lying, the same complaint that he’s leveled ad nauseam about the press’s… 536 more words

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