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Opinion: Mark NeJame's Idiotic Comments are Disturbing for Numerous Reasons


Mark NeJame who ironically recommended Mark O’Mara to George Zimmerman has made some pretty disturbing comments regarding the victim of an attempted Drive-by Shooting, unsettling to this author due to the unceasing harassment and threats made against Zimmerman since the Martin shooting, through the trial, and continuously to this day. 529 more words


*Updated* It Finally Happened: Psychotic Zimmerman Obsessed Hater Attempts to Murder George

Police did state that George Zimmerman was armed with a Glock handgun as is his right as a free citizen with a concealed carry permit. 480 more words


George Zimmerman Shot in the Face During Road Rage Incident

Trayvon martin’s killer, George Zimmerman messed with the wrong one this time. The acquitted murderer was reportedly shot in the face in a road rage incident near Orlando, Florida. 91 more words

George Zimmerman

The DOJ will "NOT" Charge Zimmerman For Killing Trayvon Martin

While we all await and hold our breath for Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department on two separate investigations, one sparked by the summer shooting of an unarmed teenager in… 179 more words

George Zimmerman

No Federal Charges for George Zimmerman - As Stated Here Before

News coming out of the US today as Attorney General and Just Us Department head Eric Holder announces that there will be NO Federal Charges against heroic George Zimmerman who killed criminal thug Trayvon Martin in self defense when Martin picked the wrong human being to put his hands on on February 26, 20102. 111 more words


Turning Their Back on Americans: Police Unions Disrespect the Citizens They Serve and Protect

Leaders of the protests against the lack of justice and accountability for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner face a highly-charged political situation after the close-range shooting of two patrolmen in Brooklyn by a deranged and suicidal individual, who had no connection with the protest movement. 1,164 more words

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