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"It’s crazy how it happened. Like five minutes."

Talk about your whirlwind romance.  Tell you what – one thing you can say about Georgia recruiting these days is that it’s upped its level of aggressiveness significantly. 204 more words

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You never want to hear the words "could be ready to go by the start of August practice".

Justin Scott-Wesley goes under the knife.  This is not a welcomed development, to say the least.


UPDATE:  Okay, man.

Breathe easy! It's only a minor setback.

— Justin Scott-Wesley (@JSW_86) July 3, 2015

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Class of 2015: who will play?

Here’s a Dawgs247 piece that speculates on which of the incoming freshmen will see the field this season.  A lot of it’s pretty obvious – when you recruit and sign five-star kids like Thompson and Godwin, you don’t expect to redshirt them, and Gawd knows we’ll see some fresh faces in the secondary out of necessity – but I’m a little intrigued by the Pat Allen suggestion. 110 more words

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It's a meme, boys!

Andy Staples, in a piece about what every D1 program’s brand is and should be, writes this:


The brand: The Bulldogs wear red and black with silver britches.

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Georgia football: not good enough, or just not close enough?

Michael Elkon asks the musical question “Is Georgia the most underachieving team in college football?”.  He doesn’t answer the question, leaving instead for his readers, but he does a nice job framing the debate, which I would summarize as follows: 276 more words

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So he's saying there's a chance?

Dave Bartoo makes a list of long shot teams for conference titles and the playoffs.  You may have heard of his selection for the national title game. 91 more words

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