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"Georgia leads the series 50–43–2."

It appears the Georgia-Florida game will remain in Jacksonville five more years.  The pot is definitely being sweetened.

The latest agreement in the storied rivalry has a total of $2.75 million in incentives for the schools over the life five-season contract.

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I know I shouldn't laugh about this...

… I mean, some Georgia booster was generous enough to fund it and it’s not as if the honoree is a bad guy, but is… 175 more words

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Automatic pilot

What does it say about the Georgia Way that Georgia’s athletic department’s chief financial officer leaves and McGarity decides there’s no immediate need to replace him… 26 more words

Georgia Football

“I still have confidence in our athletic program.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the man at the top of the Georgia Way food chain:

These have not been heady days for Georgia athletics, and two days ago athletics director Greg McGarity fired one of his key coaching hires.

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"Man, did he turn it on when he had to!"

Here’s a nice Bill Connelly write up of the 1980 Georgia-South Carolina game.

I’m still amazed every time I watch that Herschel Walker long touchdown run that drove Larry Munson to new heights of ecstasy… but not as amazed as that last Gamecock defender (who… 11 more words

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Watching the G-Day replay

“Jake had really good composure and did a good job of going through the right reads and hitting his guys,” Eason said Saturday. “If you’re going to be good, it’s got to come from yourself, but I think Jake did a good job of coming in and pushing me.

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