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Saturday morning buffet

Have a little something…

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Picking up the check

It’s not exactly a shock that Georgia’s on the hook for a fair amount of change with the dismissal of Mark Richt and his staff.  … 243 more words

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In the SEC, having a top ten recruiting class ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Bud Elliott breaks down this year’s numbers on blue chip (four- and five-star recruits) signings.  It’s about as lopsided as you might expect.

1. SEC (8.6 blue chips per school)

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Not to interrupt your midday drool...

Before you finish trying to compose yourself after reading this morning’s Eason/Chaney post, you might want to take a minute to think about what a couple of folks are saying about… 257 more words

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Goodness, I need a cold shower.

If this Ian Boyd post, entitled “5-star Jacob Eason is a perfect fit for UGA’s new offense, because he’s already been running it”, isn’t pure, 200-proof Dawg porn, I don’t know what is. 379 more words

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