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"The challenge of conservative offense"

Another nice Ian Boyd piece about Minnesota’s offense last season here.  Key graphs:

Bill Connelly’s “five factors” make it pretty clear that without explosive plays it’s very difficult to score.

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Today, in stats you weren't expecting...

I give up.  I no longer know what to think about Georgia’s offensive line’s performance last season.

These @SEC teams had the best Pass Block Efficiency grades in 2015:

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It's just a passer rating, dog.

Man, this may be the harshest thing Marc Weiszer has ever written about Matthew Stafford’s Georgia career:

Georgia’s Matthew Stafford in 2006 ranked 86th in the nation in passing efficiency with seven touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

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His Precious

If this isn’t the most distilled essence of the core value of every fiber of Greg McGarity’s being, I don’t know what is.

Last year, Georgia and every other SEC school received $32.7 million as part of its annual payout.

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DGD passes away.

Damn, this sucks.

Famed #UGA alum, artist & founding Mad Magazine cartoonist Jack Davis passed away at 91. #DGD, RIP Jack. pic.twitter.com/TB4a5AMmtv

— UGA Football Live (@UGAfootballLive) …

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Clear as mud.

Georgia’s starting quarterback situation, that is.

“That can change after day. That can change before day one,” Smart said. “We’re not putting anything in stone so there’s no set or exact number of reps each guy gets.

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