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Advanced stats ❤ the Bulldogs.

Georgia shows up third in Bill Connelly’s initial S&P+ projections for 2015.

Er, that’s third nationally.  (Second in the conference, behind Alabama.)

Georgia Football

Something else worth fretting about

From Wes Rucker’s Georgia preview:

Another major problem for Georgia was red-zone defense. It initially seems odd to mention red-zone defense being a problem when the Dawgs were technically 29th nationally in overall red-zone defense, but that didn’t tell the full story.

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Paint it black, swoosh edition.

You know, I was fully prepared to fire off a blog post mocking Alabama for being the team embracing black jerseys this season, until I found out… 178 more words

Georgia Football

Recruiters read comment threads.

Internet wisdom, for the win:

“Really what every school says, tells the recruit that they’ll have playing time and they can coach them up and maybe get them to the NFL,” Manac told the AJC.

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Georgia Football

Knowledge is money.

Online bookmaker sets odds on who wins Georgia’s quarterback battle.  Those of you convinced it’s Bauta can make some pretty good dough putting your money where your mouths are. 15 more words

Georgia Football