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The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly

Now that we have had time to reflect on the session in its totality, I want to break down everything that happened and how it affects each and every single one of y’all. 731 more words

State Senate District 5 Gwinnett

Should education ties exclude legislators from voting on state takeover bill?

The president of the Georgia Federation of Teachers is questioning whether two Democratic legislators who voted for Gov. Nathan Deal’s Opportunity School District Monday had a conflict of interest because of their educational ties. 565 more words


Opinion: Yes, DeKalb board member attended annexation meetings. Colleagues should have, too.

DeKalb County school board member Marshall Orson is facing complaints he advocated for annexation, an allegation he denies. Critics cite emails he sent on the issue. 1,147 more words


The Local Alternative to School Takeovers

One thing that cannot be denied is that there is an achievement gap between wealthy schools and poor schools in the great state of Georgia; a gap largely caused by poverty, undernourishment, lack of adequate medical care, and lack of transportation. 978 more words

State Senate District 5 Gwinnett

Politician with Tattoos and Piercings

In 2014 I decided to run for political office and I did. I was meet with attacks, not because of my political party but due to my looks. 506 more words

Growing Green in Georgia

Medical Marijuana is a relief and a must for many people suffering from chronic pain and seizure conditions. The debate for anyone with a gram of compassion for their fellow-man is simple, how to speed up the process. 501 more words


Opinion: Failing Georgia's High School Graduation Test devastates son's self-esteem and life goals

The least controversial education bill under consideration by the Legislature this year would exempt thousands of former Georgia high school students from having to pass the discarded — and, to some degree, discredited — graduation test. 949 more words