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Learning Georgian from Katy

Кэти Топурия – уроки грузинского (ч.1)

Уроки грузинского. “Новый год” (ч.2)


What about learning one language from another?

So I have this engineer friend who is just mad for languages. He mentioned to me one day that he was learning one language from another. 101 more words

Georgian From Russian

Old Georgian phrases and sentences 65 (from the Song of Moses)

Amid the multi-versioned and oft performed corpus of American folk songs is “Mary, Don’t You Weep,” which has in the refrain,

Pharaoh’s army got drownded,

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Old Georgian phrases and sentences 62 (Raka!)

In Sarjveladze-Fähnrich, 960a, s.v. რაკა (and 1167b, s.v. უთჳსესი), the following line is cited from manuscript A-689 (13th cent.), f. 69v, lines 20-23:

კითხვაჲ: რაჲ არს რაკა?

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Old Georgian phrases and sentences 55 (Thalassius 1.12)

This time we turn to the Περί ἀγάπης και ἐγκρατείας — Four Centuries (400 Chapters) on Love and Self-control — of Abba Thalassius (CPG 7848), a contemporary of Maximus the Confessor. 342 more words