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Germany carrying the torch in Europe, but dragging its armed forces along the way, by Juan Del Pozo

Earlier this year US President Donald Trump had shown his discontent for the lack of contribution of Germany to the NATO effort. “If you look at NATO, where Germany pays 1 percent and we are paying 4.2 percent of a much bigger GDP, that´s not fair”, he said. 749 more words


Commercial war in the Indian Ocean; is the OBOR initiative taking a next step towards a military escalation?, by Juan Del Pozo Berenguer

US Marine Corp General Thomas Waldhauser, top military commander in Africa, has stated his concern over the now undeniable control of China over the port facilities in Djibouti, which could eventually lead to restrictions in the use of these facilties to other clients, thus hampering the adequate supply to US forces deployed in the región… 751 more words


Big debt in big Africa: who´s to blame? by J. Del Pozo Berenguer

In his address to the George Mason University in March 2018, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson energetically critisized China´s approach to the infrastructure gap issue which the African continent is facing. 885 more words


An assessment about the recent updates of Brazillian intelligence system.

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“The greatest enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan”        — Carl von Clausewitz

On June 30th, 2016, exactly 48 days into the interim government (still during Dilma Rouseff’s… 994 more words

مآلات تقويض المؤسساتية الأمريكية Purposes of undermining the American institutionalism

لتحميل التحليل يرجى الرجوع إلى الرابط التالي



جاء ترمب من خارج دائرة المجمع الصناعي، ولا يحمل أجندة ولا عقلية حزبية، ولا يتبنى دبلوماسية بعينها ولا أفكارَ النخبة، ولا ينقصه المال؛ ولذا فهو رجل سيتصرف بعيدا عن كل الأطر الأربعة المؤثرة تاريخيا في توجهات ومواقف الإدارة الأميركية، وهذا يجعل التنبؤ بأفعاله حاليا صعبا إلى حد ما.  206 more words


Blog'un Konusu ve Amacı | Küçük Bir Giriş

Öncelikle merhabalar,

uzun zamandır bir blog sitesi kurmak ve burada ülkemizde pek bilinmeyen veya bilinse dahi eksik bilinen bazı konular hakkında yazı yazmak istiyordum. Ben de kendim şahsen bu konularda uzman değilim. 344 more words

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PM Modi’s most outstanding and exemplary contribution towards putting India on the Technological map of the world is his fervent appeal to develop and exploit indigenous expertise and produce international standard products made in India by Indians. 1,418 more words