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Technology. Oh how it is so helpful to all of us in our day-to-day lives. Anytime we want to perform a quick search, our Internet-connected phones are there. 421 more words


Instagram are removing the map feature

A few weeks ago I noticed that the map icon had been removed from my Instagram app (on Android). Surprised and wondering where it had got to, I did some Googling and discovered that Instagram have decided to stop supporting the feature because it’s underused. 532 more words


Snapchat and Foursquare Are Teaming Up

Snapchat and Foursquare are teaming up. “Snapchat advertisers now have access to Foursquare’s data points that map 90 million locations when running geofilter campaigns. (Geofilters are the colorful graphics that overlay photos and video.) While Snapchat started offering location data to geofilter advertisers a year ago, brands in theory will now be able to create more targeted and specific parameters for geofilters using Foursquare’s data.”

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What use is a GPS in a camera?

When I read blog posts or camera reviews, there is very little talk about GPS units included in the camera.  Most “experts” seem to think that it is an unnecessary accessory.   233 more words


Science Daily: Social media photos priceless for natural resources research

Science Daily: Social media photos priceless for natural resources research “Tapping into social media posts on Instagram, Flickr and Panoramio gave North Carolina State University researchers a trove of information about people’s opinions of scenic European landscapes. 30 more words

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FDN Video: Newsgathering Using Facebook Live Map

Excellent 2m31s video from First Draft News: Newsgathering Using Facebook Live Map. Includes URL hacking to search by lat/long. Good stuff.

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LexisNexis Sets Up App for Local Crime Alerts

LexisNexis has launched a “crime alert” app for the iPhone and Apple watch. (It’s apparently US-only.) “US firm Lexis Nexis launched a crime alert app for the Apple Watch and iphone which will notify individuals of criminal events around a designated address or geolocation. 79 more words

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