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Docker, Linux & Azure - Entity extraction in a few mintues

Yes, Having Azure, Docker and Linux in the same sentences is something that you don’t see every day. But with the latest addition from Microsoft, not only that it is possible but you can have any docker container you want running as a fully hosted web app on Azure in only a few minutes. 914 more words


Phys.org : Archival photos offer research value

Phys.org: Archival photos offer research value. “Launched just six weeks ago, Smapshot is a public web portal on which anyone can geotag aerial photographs of Switzerland from the 1960s. 64 more words

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Mashable: Snapchat desperately wants businesses to pay for geofilters

Mashable: Snapchat desperately wants businesses to pay for geofilters. “Snapchat needs to make more money, sure. But even more than that, the now-public company needs to attract more advertisers — even to its lower cost ad options — in hopes of turning them into big spenders and cementing the app as a must-buy digital ad platform. 13 more words

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Geotagging around the world

This week’s  task included positioning a personal point of interest onto a collaborative Google Map. An easier exercise for me, as was somewhat familiar with the idea about layers and positioning the “pin” as used Maps to let people know where we were when overseas last year. 99 more words

Creating Change

There are apparently a lot of problems on the University of Guelph campus. Our Media Studies class managed to fill up three chalkboards with all of our qualms and complaints. 126 more words

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Camera Restricta Ensures Original Photography

Proper documentation is important, and when traveling it is commonly achieved via photography. Redundant documentation is often inefficient, and the Camera Restricta — in a commentary on the saturation of photographed landmarks and a recent debate on photographic censorship in the EU — aims to challenge the photographer into taking unique photographs. 185 more words

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