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How Geotagging Images Can Help Local SEO | The Cleveland SEO Guy

Geotagging your images just might make the old adage that “A picture is a worth a thousand words” come true. Geotagging – adding geographical information to a picture – is useful for more than documenting where you’ve been. 51 more words

Geofence Around New Zealand Reminds Boaters To Wear Their Life Jackets

I love this. The government of New Zealand and Google teamed up to build a huge geofence around the New Zealand coastline. Why? To remind people to put on their life jackets! 84 more words


Metadata unknowns

What I learned today is that when it comes to photos we have a lot of options for viewing and erasing metadata, but when it comes to video you are on your own more or less. 163 more words

Geotarging Facebook Ads for Political Lobbying

Not surprising, but definitely disturbing: A senator using geotargeted Facebook ads for political lobbying. “…if you were targeting a workplace with a one-mile long campus, like Facebook itself, you could be guaranteed to show an ad only to people in its buildings. 41 more words

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Your Tent or Mine? Sharing is Caring

Coachella 2016 is currently in full swing as I write this post so I wanted to take a moment to talk about Social Media in marketing and why Coachella do it so well. 470 more words


GPX Tracking - Lightroom Maps

I do use my phone for tracking GPS so that I can tag them in Lightroom’s Map Module

It expects a GPX file and that can come from various sources like a GPS device, or something less heavy like a phone tracking GPS. 104 more words