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Global Picture Sharing: Flickr (Chapter 4, Case Study 1)

1. Why do you think Flickr has been so popular throughout the world?

Flickr has become so popular throughout the world because of the easy use of the website and the quality of a free service. 165 more words

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How to view your pictures on a map

Introduced in BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1, a new option has been added to the Pictures app that allows you to see, on a map, where your pictures were taken. 229 more words


Recycling Rate per Town in Rhode Island

BRISTOL, R.I.__ This map of Rhode Island shows the different municipalities that make up the state, and provides an idea of which areas are leaders and which are laggards when it comes to recycling.  277 more words



This week, I discovered how to geotag photos on Flickr. I think that geotagging is amazing technology and I was definitely aware of it before this assignment, but I did not realize how outdated it has become.  394 more words

The state of geosocial media, 5 years later

In March 2010, I wrote a four-part blog series on geosocial media and its potential for the future. In addition to being fascinating to research, the series earned me invitations to speak at conferences and write articles in real publications. 602 more words


The Unhidden project

Welcome to the first Unhidden blog post!

Following the spirit of the lean startup movement, we’re looking for a number of hypotheses that needs to be validated before starting to spend a whole lot of money into product development and eventually building something that nobody really wants to use. 61 more words


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Folksonomy: By definition is, a classification system derived from user-generated electronic tags or keywords that annotate and describe online content. We use tags all the time on social media to easily find similar posts. 157 more words