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The Nine Nines of Winter

Here in Mongolia, winter is traditionally thought of as nine periods of nine days each, or the “Nine Nines of Winter.” Obviously winter in Mongolia lasts longer than 81 days, but the Nines represent the coldest part of winter. 685 more words

Pioneering the Wilderness of Outer Mongolia

Mongolia is a rugged, land locked country nestled between China and Russia made up of vast eco regions and deserts and is truly one of the world’s last undiscovered travel destinations.  1,680 more words

The Unbiblical Gentile

To some, the fact that the Hebrew term “bnei Noah”, descendants of Noah, doesn’t appear in the text of the Jewish Bible and the books of Moses means something significant. 1,620 more words


The Ger that Speaks Through David, Or Is It the Spirit of David Speaking Through the Ger Today?

“Keep me safe, O HaShem, for I have come to You for refuge.”

I said to the LORD,
“You are my Master! Every good thing I have comes from You.” The godly people in the land are my true heroes! 228 more words

Cele mai geroase ierni din istoria României

Atât temperaturile înregistrate până acum, cât și episoadele cu viscol trădează mai degrabă un anotimp potolit, precizează meteorologii. În istorie, au rămas emblematice iernile din anii ’54, ’67, ’85, ’95, sau 2012. 284 more words


Leaving Christianity

Leaving Christianity was extremely easy, yet most difficult at the same time. It was easy when I would weigh everything upon the Word of My Creator as I used Deuteronomy Chapter 13 as a balance in the scale of TRUTH. 904 more words