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Things I did today:

  • Watched the morning chants of Buddhist monks
  • Got blessed/aura cleansed by a lama
  • Ate 7 different milk products, including liquor
  • Faced my fear of heights (again)
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Is "evil talking" part of the seven laws?

Someone, a follower of rabbis Katz and Clorfene, did not like my article which took rabbi Clorfene’s article apart piece by piece. He showed his disgruntlement publicly and included in his attempt to “expose” me, he said the following: 1,243 more words


Non-Jewish Judaism: Judaism without the Jew

Before you read this article, I strongly advise that you read the excellent article, “Warning: There is a snake in the garden” at https://emunatrek.com/2017/04/14/warning-there-is-a-snake-in-the-garden/, which deals with what I’m going to go through here in a different approach that I love. 9,322 more words

Noahide Commandments

Warning: There Is A Snake In The Garden

This is a lengthy article, bear with me, it had to be written in one piece.

For over a decade now I have concluded in my own mind and soul that the book of Bereishit/Genesis has all the answers for life contained with in it. 2,046 more words


Should Christians celebrate Passover?

A recent commenter on my blog asked the question, “Should Christians celebrate Passover?”  While this is certainly a controversial topic, it is absolutely one that needs to be visited on a regular basis, and the answer needs to be Scriptural, not based on man’s traditions and doctrines. 1,122 more words

A Thought...

Modern Nomads

This time NomadicHype brings you to country which has enormous history, beautiful landscapes and of course 21th century modern nomads.

Despite the draw of the city, hundreds of thousands of… 256 more words