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Start-up MEMS company, VerAvanti is customer

A start-up MEMS company named VerAvanti has contracted me to design an IC driver chip. This company is an up and coming competitor in the medical field and believes they have a product which will change the Endoluminal Optical Imaging (or Angioscopy) segment of the medical industry. 63 more words

Franklyn: A noble failure

I enjoy this sort of mid-budget, pet project SF made by auteur wannabes in the same way some people enjoy rubbish horror films. This sort of film fits into a category all of its own, where slightly mismatched ideas (usually one or three too many) are crammed into a stylish, dark world where the creator tries very hard to work out their intellectual kinks. 611 more words

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Made in Britain: Franklyn (2008)

When the National Lottery was set up, some of the takings were put aside to create a fund for charities, good causes, and culture. This has been, almost totally without exception (there are a few), an unmitigated disaster for the viewer. 973 more words


“Religion is deemed by the masses as true, by the wise as false... and by the rulers as necessary.”

Originally published at PassionforCinema.

Franklyn, directed and written by Gerald McMorrow, starring Eva Green, Ryan Philippe, Bernard Hill, Sam Riley and William Faulkner (not the writer) 828 more words


Franklyn - Welcome to Meanwhile City

Article first published as Movie review: Franklyn – Welcome to Meanwhile City on Blogcritics.

Franklyn is a story of loss. Several losses, actually, and their effect on the human psyche. 764 more words



The film Franklyn takes place simultaneously in modern day England as well as the dystopic world of Meanwhile City. It weaves together four narratives: a father’s search for his son, a soldier’s struggle with his past, a jilted man’s yearning for the purity of his first love, and a woman on a self-destructive path to self-discovery. 224 more words


Berlin welcomes Pencil to Pixel

For many years now I have been chairing one of Europe’s leading film and animation student conferences, Pencil to Pixel.

After three successful years in Prague, this year we decided to come to Berlin. 435 more words

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