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A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Five

Chapter 5:

Boss shouldered the weight of an enormous disappointment. Lunchtime was his favorite time of the day. It was one of the times when he could truly and entirely set his responsibilities aside and focus on something utterly predictable. 4,423 more words

Alexander Metz

COLUMN: A Woke Perspective on the Release of Gerald Henderson

We’re back. Week 2 of the Monday Column. Last week, if you remember correctly, we did an intense mathematical proof correctly rationalizing why a ham sandwich gives the Philadelphia 76ers more annual value and revenue than Jahlil Okafor. 935 more words


'Hey Arnold': Revisiting A Hit For Millennials of Color 20 Years Later

Hey Arnold was an animated series starring a boy named Arnold who lived with his grandparents in fictional Hillwood city. One of the things that set it apart from some of the other series that were broadcasted was the maturity displayed throughout the show. 1,639 more words


A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Four

Chapter 4

“Gerald, you need to know some things. You need to know about me. You see me? You see me right here don’t you?” Gerald and Nikki were lying in bed. 5,242 more words

Alexander Metz

A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Three

Chapter 3:

The conference room had been filled with squeaks and squawks for quite some time. It was the nature of these negotiations to break down, only that this time so much was at stake that neither side had the courage to leave the room. 3,628 more words

Alexander Metz

A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Two

Chapter 2:

There’s an Avian fable that parents use to scare their children at night.

Far away, in a land that none of us can ever reach is a spider who spins a gargantuan web. 5,809 more words

Alexander Metz