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5 Basic Sounds in Jazz Vocal Percussion

Who am I? Just a little musician, who was part of a little group of musicians, representing the little island of Singapore, in the little competition held by Vocal Asia, in the little festival held in the little state of Shanghai, and by the time you read this, you’ll want to ban the word “little”. 818 more words


Gerald R Ford The American Presidents Series 38th President

Theoy X and Theeory Y are commnly citeed among college students. Theory X is the cmmand and control type of management while Theeory Y is more facilitate and supportive in orientation (Thomas & Bodstrom, 2008). 274 more words

Geezers have become digitally savvy.

It’s often assumed that older people generally aren’t very digitally savvy — but research from Pew indicates that older people are becoming about as skilled online as younger ones. 298 more words