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Beast ⭐⭐⭐

This Jersey set drama is half inter-class romance and half psycho thriller and while there are strong performances by Jessie Buckley as a troubled young woman called Mol and Geraldine James as her intimidating mother; I personally find the deliberate pacing too slow for my liking. 146 more words



My world view is that damaged individuals can be saved, even from themselves. The  film debut of writer/director Michael Pearce has other ideas. His  film “Beast” is based loosely on the crime novel, “ The Beast of New Jersey”. 696 more words

Flash Movie Review: Beast

THERE WAS ONLY ONE WAY TO describe him and that would be surly. You hear that word and imagine it refers to some gruff, mean-spirited man. 608 more words


Beast (2018)

“I need more from you.”

A murder mystery. A psychological thriller. A revisionist and modern-day take on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. 711 more words


Beast Movie Review

At it’s heart, Beauty and The Beast is a tale of two outsiders who find the companionship and affection that is missing from their respective worlds. 216 more words


Review: Beast, 2018, dir. Michael Pearce

I’m wondering if Michael Pearce’s very good Beast is dropping at an inopportune cultural moment; we’re talking a lot about why kids shoot up schools, and there’s a percentage of nimrods trotting out usual excuses like “they were bullied” and “they watch too much violent media.”  113 more words


Film Review - Beast

Writer/director Michael Pearce makes a very strong debut with Beast, an eerie, atmospheric and wholly gripping gothic melodrama set on Jersey.

Troubled island girl Molly (Jessie Buckley) lives with her controlling mother (Geraldine James). 163 more words