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Willowbrook Mile Ribbon Cutting

Geraldo Rivera helped cut the ribbon to Willowbrook Walk, a mile-long path to honor people who suffered at Willowbrook State School, today, September 14.

The reporter who exposed the horror of Willowbrook was joined by William Fritz and Michael Kress of the College of Staten Island (CSI); Diane Buglioli, Co-Chair of the event and Deputy Executive Director of A Very Special Place; NYS Assemblyman Michael Cusick; and many others, including Bernard Carabello, a former resident of Willowbrook State School who now works a patient advocate for the NYS Office of People With Developmental Disabilities.   431 more words

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Beyoncé, Rudy Giuliani, and What Happens When Politicians Misunderstand Music

Jampaign is a monthly column in which Mandy Freebairn explores where music and politics collide in unique ways. This month, she examines politicians’ tendency to misunderstand musical statements and explores where art fits in the political conversation. 1,070 more words

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The Fox News Regrets Edition

The Fox News Regrets Edition

Two who spoke out in behalf of Roger Ailes express regret.

It’s a banner year for business ethics disasters. We have Corey Lewandowski’s hiring at CNN. 833 more words

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Greta Van Susteren: "We All Regret" Not Believing Gretchen Carlson's Claims Against Roger Ailes

Add Greta Van Susteren to the list of Fox News talent taking to Facebook to express regret for her comments about ousted chief Roger Ailes when former colleague Gretchen Carlson filed her sexual harassment lawsuit against him. 400 more words

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Fox News Anchors Try to Walk Back Their Defense of Roger Ailes

A parade of Fox News personnel came to Roger Ailes’ aid back in July after Gretchen Carlson, a former anchor at the network, accused him of sexual harassment. 508 more words


Geraldo Rivera 'Filled With Regret" For Defending Roger Ailes

Saying that he is “filled with regret,” Geraldo Rivera has penned a lengthy apology for having defended former Fox News chief Roger Ailes against accusations of years-long sexual harassment against several of the network’s female employees. 1,398 more words