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TV News Legal Pundits Predict Parole For O.J. Simpson At Today's Hearing

Today at 10 AM PT, the largest ever audience for a parole hearing about a botched penny-ante robbery will watch across a multitude of media outlets. 882 more words

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Where's the Crime?

If the Russian KGB chief is talking to Paul Manafort and the chief says, ‘You know, I’ve got this dirt here that says Hillary Clinton was this or that,’ and Paul Manafort says, ‘Next Wednesday, why don’t you release that, that’d be great for us.’ That’s not — I don’t know that that’s a crime at all.

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April 21, 1986: Seems Like We Struck Out

Notorious gangster Al Capone moved to Chicago in 1919 where he built a career in gambling, alcohol, and prostitution rackets, eventually becoming Chicago’s go-to guy in the world of crime. 258 more words

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