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Florida: Evil Again 5.2

Surveillance video of some areas apparently near Building 12, where the murders took place, has been released to the public. They purport to show former Deputy Scot Peterson, at various times traveling in a golf cart (commonly used by security personnel on such a large campus with multiple buildings), running, standing, and speaking on a radio. 1,994 more words

Parkland Florida Case

Before you go out on a limb on the YBR...

You have to climb the damn tree!

That’s right…and there’s no two ways about it. Unfortunately today we have been so hoodwinked by people in power that we believe that you shouldn’t climb trees, primarily because you actually might think for yourself. 1,428 more words

Geraldo Rivera Surprises With This Emotional Plea For Gun Control To Sean Hannity


Geraldo Rivera let his emotions take over during his appearance on Hannity late on Wednesday. The Fox News contributor had already shown some strong opinions… 397 more words


The Boot Injury

Jackie Hicks, the grandfather of Stevie Branch on Page 134 of the book, The Blood of Innocents:

“Some son of a bitch has done a number on this baby with a pair of combat boots or engineer’s boots,” Hicks told himself, then others.

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Damien Echols

The Robe of His Righteousness


A shot was fired a few miles from my home, February of 2012. That gunshot, which resulted in the death of a young African American, marked the beginning of a disquieting conversation over race. 693 more words


Who At H&M Needs To Catch These Hands?

So, I’m just going to get straight to the point, son. Look, if I have to explain to anyone why a Black child wearing a “monkey” hoodie is wrong, then they should stop reading this. 426 more words

Social Commentary

Geraldo Rivera Lands Stately Spread in Cleveland’s Shaker Heights (EXCLUSIVE)

Earlier this year famously mustachioed and occasionally polemical tabloid chat show host and Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera and his 32-years younger fifth wife Erica Levy… 351 more words

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