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The Planned Sharia Law Invasion of the United States and Western Europe

Sharia Law espouses the ultimate supremacy of Islam above all non-Muslims. 1,571 more words

Archived 2015 NEWS

'One of the largest human experiments in history' was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco

It seems that the US military has been testing bioweapons on unsuspecting citizens since the 1950s. -LW

San Francisco’s fog is famous, especially in the summer, when weather conditions combine to create the characteristic cooling blanket that sits over the Bay Area. 931 more words


“No Place to Hide” by Lynette Eason

It’s not often that I read a book that just gets better with each page turn.  “No Place to Hide” by Lynette Eason is that kind of book.  130 more words

Book Review

5* Review of Germ Warfare (of the Corporate Kind) By Noel Warnell #OfficeSpace #Books

Blurb (From Amazon, Kindle version)

The corporate world is sick. It’s full of disease and suffering. Even the bravest, brightest people are being infected despite having strong immune systems. 402 more words

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Ebola, the Great Apes, and the Danger to Bigfoot

This NY Post article describes the destruction the Ebola virus has wreaked against apes in Africa:

“Ebola poses the greatest threat to the survival of our nearest cousins — gorillas and chimps, a third of which have died from the deadly virus since the 1990s. 148 more words


Spanish Intelligence Reveals ISIS Ebola Plot

Isis Wants To Spread Ebola: Security Chief

” The Spanish government is taking seriously discussions in internet chat rooms on how terrorists could use biological weapons including Ebola in its war against the West, a top official said in parliament on Wednesday.

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