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Bugged: "The Andromeda Strain" (1971)

        “THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN”   (1971)


     The evolutionary characteristics that would come to define the post-atomic bomb SF genre emerged, not coincidentally, with striking similarities to Hollywood’s failing classic horror film, which after the real-life atrocities visited upon the civilized world throughout World War II, seemed almost childish and certainly preternaturally dated; the menace of cloaked or stumbling representatives of the undead or resurrected dead being hardly comparable to wholesale destruction of cities and peoples, or the unspeakable atrocities commonplace in Nazi death camps, and during the period of postwar psychic healing it was evident that a newly honed sophistication was in order to usurp the cinematic diet of Gothic based terrors in favor of a new modernity in the nourishment of nightmare scenarios. 297 more words


hv/100 = a to z: germ-warfare

24 of June, year of our Lord 1763

Fort Pitt, America

My dearest Kathy:

As a British officer and a Christian, I can not condone orders given today. 103 more words

Flash Fiction

Germ Warfare In Ukraine

If you were going to build a biological weapons lab what would be an ideal location? Why Ukraine of course. There currently is an outbreak of an influenza super-virus in Ukraine and there is a nearby US virus lab. 392 more words

I Do Not Have the Best of Friends.

My hands had sweaters for weeks.

A friend is someone who knows you so well that they can tell what you’re thinking without being told, knows how you’re feeling and how you respond to certain things, and knows all your likes and dislikes.  805 more words


Sickness as a Strategy in the Workplace.

Gastric flu – Yuck – all the symptoms of flu and a tummy doing somersaults when I even think of food. At home on sick leave when I should be at work, because I went to work and caught this crappy condition from a colleague who should have been at home on sick leave. 608 more words


The Basics Of A Staged BioTerror Event

Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com
Jon Rappoport
December 21, 2015

“Dr. Hognose Detrick of the US Biological Warfare Group waddled into a meeting room, where a collection of Army, CIA, NSA, and HS representatives sat quietly in their chairs. 301 more words

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