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Secret US Attack, Cited by Putin Part of Pentagon BioWarfare Plan-US Plan to Spread Cholera Across Syria and Turkey May be Failing

The Pentagon plan is specifically biological warfare and not the first time it has been used in Syria.  The Free Syrian Army, with both Israeli and American special operations advisors with every unit, has targeted water supplies across Syria, particularly Damascus. 670 more words

The International Reporter

Germ Warfare

‘Tis the season for germs- flu, colds, bronchitis…your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. But what about the spiritual germs lurking about, ready to weaken your immune system? 416 more words

Where Did You Find God Today

The Fall Offensive; Germ Warfare and Raising Children

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite the hectic days as of late.  I always loathe this time of year.  I miss those summer days of carefreeness and no sickness in the family.   762 more words


Day 265 - It Cures What Ailes

I am fighting a bit if a cold so tonight’s dinner was the biggest bowl of pho I could get my hands on with enough siracha to knock over a horse. Thanks JT for the inspiration.


Author Interview: Noel Warnell

We live in an exciting time, where anyone willing to put in the time, creativity and effort can create a book and have it published. Though we all still have a great love for traditional and established publishing houses, most of whom have a wealth of invaluable knowledge when it comes to marketing and publicising your work, authors all over the world are ecstatic that we have another avenue to explore – that of self-publishing. 978 more words


August Newsletter

Back to School Special Edition; Preparing for Change and Fight Germs
3 Ways to Prepare For Seasonal Changes

As the transition from summer to fall begins, changes start to happen externally as well as internally. 425 more words


The Planned Sharia Law Invasion of the United States and Western Europe

Sharia Law espouses the ultimate supremacy of Islam above all non-Muslims. 1,571 more words

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