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Germaine and Sherry, Part II

Germaine has returned to the old folks home to volunteer…

Sherry: So anyways that’s why I’m not allowed to see my grandkids no more

Germaine: Literally no one brought up your grandkids. 453 more words

Germaine and Danny

Germaine is at a local pub waiting for a beer with a friend…

Germaine: Yeah this bitch is crazy like how the fuck is someone that old even strong enough to put someone through a wall? 464 more words

Germaine & Sherry, Part I

Germaine volunteers at his local old folk’s home and enjoys or suffers through a meaningful or abusive relationship with one of the residents, Sherry. This dialogue takes place at the old folk’s home and is typical with them. 619 more words

Upcoming Project: "Germaine"

All my short stories and poetry have had a dark tone which I have no problem with but I want to try and experiment with comedy writing so I am creating an anthology story called “Germaine” that follows a young black man named Germaine through the misadventures of his life. 73 more words

The Female Larrikin


I have to admit I never understood what Germaine was going on about when she was being interviewed regularly on This Day Tonight (TDT) on ABC TV in the late 1960s and early 1970s. 39 more words


Violet Flame Decree

Sounrce: Summit Lighthouse

Visualize yourself surrounded by the violet flame as you see it in the Chart of Your Divine Self around the lower figure. 117 more words

Other Energetic Healing

Reiki in the Garden- SunShower Power

SO , a few minutes ago I decided to take out the dogs and in the meantime channel some healing while in the garden, since being directly outside expedites my connection to Reiki with the beauty and essence of Mother Gaia. 253 more words