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Highlights From First Class Fitment 2016, Gallery 2

Our second gallery of highlights from First Class Fitment 2016. Enjoy!

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I8 رودستر - BMW

4 سال پیش که کانسپتی در نمایشگاه خودروی پکن رونمایی شد اعتقاد بر این بود که بامو قصد عرضهی I8 رودستر را دارد اما تولید آن چندین بار به تعویق افتاد تا اینکه نهایتا بهصورت رسمی اعلام شده که این خودرو در آینده تولید خواهد شد. 8 more words

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Highlights from First Class Fitment 2016, Gallery 1

First Class Fitment is always an entertaining show to shoot. Every car is different, special in its own way. It is a sea of automotive creativity, and this year was no exception. 8 more words

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 تاریخچه خودرو در ایران 1903 - 1979

اختراع خودرو در سال ۱۸۸۶ به‌توسط کارل بنز؛ و افتتاح یک کارخانه به‌توسط حنری فورد که در سال ۱۹۰۳ با استفاده صحیح از خط تولید، ترکیب کاملی است که اجازه داد اتومبیل به بازار انبوه روا شود.

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My Drive in a BMW i8: A Concept Car for the Street

I’ve been itching to get my hands on a BMW i8 ever since I first saw it, and the chance finally came. As a car blogger working to grow my following, it’s still a very special occasion when someone is willing to throw me the keys to a six-figure set of wheels. 1,745 more words

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A BMW 528i is a Superior Rental Car That Will Spoil You

Rental cars, they’re usually total crap that you’re only willing to put up with for a few days because they serve a purpose. Some trips can really use a bright spot, though, and for us gearheads a car can be just the thing to brighten up life. 1,122 more words

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