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This is Finally it! Chris Harris Tests the Porsche 918 vs the LaFerrari vs the McLaren P1!

After long last, we now have the hypercar comparison test we’ve all been waiting for!

Porsche 918 vs. Ferrari LaFerrari vs. McLaren P1

Chris makes sure to show how they went about the test using the proper methodology, in an effort to produce fair, uncontested results. 20 more words

Exotic Supercars

(Found In) Richmond Annex (Richmond, California): 1964 Mercedes - Benz 220S 4 Door Sedan

It wasn’t quite the glory years period that Mercedes Benz would experience on the American Market in 1964. The seizing of the desirable luxury throne would take another decade. 629 more words


The Silver Blob

This is not a ghost story. The car that you see in this column really exists.

I went to the Brockman  Port-To-Whiteman Park run not really expecting to see much new – after all I had been to a number of vintage and veteran shows in the last couple of years and how many more new old cars could there be out there? 590 more words


" I Thought They Brewed Beer In Milwaukee..."

You’re thinking of Pabst, Schlitz, and Blatz. This is Schacht. They brewed cars.

First car in the rows at Fremantle last Sunday – the rear-engined Schacht. 437 more words


Singer Porsche 911 at the Radnor Hunt Concours

A Singer 911 is one of the most beautiful vehicles that money (a lot of money) can buy these days. The painstaking fine detail work found these cars is right up there with Pagani, in my opinion, but it comes in the familiar package of an old-school Porsche 911. 657 more words


The Exotic Car Circle at the Concours of America

These are our highlights from the exotic car circle at the Concours of America in Michigan. There was a gorgeous LaFerrari present (one of 2 at the event), a Porsche 918, and an Aston Martin Lagonda sedan, to name a few. 64 more words


Exotic Supercar Sounds from the Radnor Hunt Concours

We all know that no exotic car show is complete without some V12s echoing over the countryside as people leave the event. Luckily we were much obliged this year at the Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance. 35 more words