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Porsche 911s beautifully reimagined by Singer at Amelia Island

Singer 911s are truly works of art on 4 wheels. Based on the the classic recipe of the greatest sports car on Earth, Singer Vehicle Design brings an incredible level of bespoke craftsmanship to the classic 911 package. 77 more words

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Cars of Tintin Series - Mercedes Benz 220

Tintin’s friend Chang was on an aeroplane which crashed in Tibet, but intuition told him that Chang was alive. Tintin being Tintin, he left in search of his friend half way around the world based on just a hunch. 583 more words

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The new 991.2 GT3 looks to be a masterpiece

We’ll see how if fares with the manual transmission soon enough, but so far so good. Also, quite smart for Porsche to release the PDK version first and keep us waiting for the stick-shift. 14 more words

Auto Idolatry

Taking a spin in a BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe (it's for sale!)

A “special” car will keep your attention long after you’ve left it parked. It’s one thing to have a car you want to look back at as you walk away, but it’s a whole different level when you spend all day looking forward to your drive home. 1,631 more words

German Cars

Mix Up Meet

So last weekend, I made it over to the Redbeck Cafe in Wakefield for the Mix up meet. Hosted by the Pre 94 Classic Car Club, Toxic Dubs and Dub Rats. 362 more words

BMW 120i makes your Drive fun

With better engine power and unusual look

It is a car that runs smooth on road with a different look and a high range engine quality. 524 more words