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A BMW 528i is a Superior Rental Car That Will Spoil You

Rental cars, they’re usually total crap that you’re only willing to put up with for a few days because they serve a purpose. Some trips can really use a bright spot, though, and for us gearheads a car can be just the thing to brighten up life. 1,122 more words

German Cars

RUF CTR3 at the Greenwich Concours

“Hey, sweet Cayman you got there, dude!”

That’s not what you say to the owner of one of these insane machines. This is no mere Cayman, my friends, this is a RUF CTR3. 179 more words


Rally Car Showdown On Everyday Driver

The guys at Everyday Driver put together the comparison shootout we’ve all been waiting for: Golf R vs Evo vs STI vs Focus RS.

See which emerges as the ultimate daily weapon!


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Four Important Things Your German Car Repair Shop Needs

You drive a nice Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover or Porsche because you reflect on the exceptional quality, driving performance and cusp of luxury. The attention to detail, the exquisite coachmanship, the fit and finish, great engine performance, the best creature comforts for the best driving experience. 552 more words


DRIVING The 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI: Jack Of All Trades

Words: James Tagle
Photos: James Tagle

In the old days if you wanted a small, fast cheap and reliable car the VW Golf GTI was the grand daddy of hot hatches. 1,359 more words


BMW Z8 Spotted in Greenwich, CT

This BMW Z8 was one of numerous tasty cars we saw on the streets of Greenwich during Concours weekend. It’s a roadster with the same engine as the BMW M5 of its day. 17 more words

German Cars