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Cars of Tintin Series - Porsche 356A

Ah!….into what a parking lot had the garden of Marlinspike hall converted into. Thank you Joylon Wagg for being such a nag for Haddock. Another great car seen participating in the Vagabond Car Club Rally a small blue car, the number 8. 419 more words

Cars Of Tintin

Porsche Carrera GT at the Greenwich Concours

The ultimate Porsche supercar at the center of the action at the Greenwich Concours. The Carrera GT, along with the Ford GT and the Pagani Zonda, stands as the modern epitome of the analogue hypercar. 16 more words

Exotic Supercars

A bright BMW 507 at the Greenwich Concours

The classic BMW 507 is a looker without a roof, but it’s also quite handsome with its hardtop in place. I love when these things aren’t an afterthought in the car’s design.


Classic Cars

That time I saw Sir Stirling Moss driving the 300 SLR 722 at Pebble Beach

Taking a trip down memory lane, looking through the photos I’ve taken over the years, I stumbled across this gem from Pebble Beach in 2011. It’s none other than Sir Stirling Moss, and he’s driving the legendary Mercedes 300 SLR 722 in which he won the 1955 Mille Miglia. 257 more words

Classic Cars

Motor Trend: BMW M2 vs Chevy Camaro V6 1LE

Can a $40,000 V6 Camaro really take on the mighty BMW M2? Like, really?


American Cars

What will the new 4.0L Porsche 991.2 GT3 do to the 911 Market?

Porsche has finally done it, they’ve brought back the manual GT3 and have given it the 4.0L engine to boot. It’s basically the Porsche we’ve all been dreaming about, and it’s the car Porsche once said they’d never build again. 1,535 more words

German Cars

That Time BMW Put a Le Mans-Winning V12 Into an X5 SUV

This is the BMW X5 LM. It’s a prototype from the era before the super-SUVs of today, powered by the same V12 that propelled the BMW V12 LMR to victory at Le Mans. 78 more words

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