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The End of an Era - The Death Throes of the Danish Car Industry

It has survived it competitors, the Volvo and the Volkswagen. It made it through the many worldwide recessions, only to raise its head time and again, but this time, I’m afraid that the Danish Lion has uttered its last roar! 485 more words


Jason Cammisa, a Porsche Cayman GT4, and Pobst. It's time to watch.

Jason Cammisa’s first video with MT is here, and he’s got a Porsche Cayman GT4, and lots of time on his hands. I’ll miss watching Carlos–but Jason’s really excellent, and his wheelman skills are prevalent. 18 more words


BMW Group: Road to Success

This advertorial was penned for German automobile juggernaut, BMW Group. The piece was to meant to capture the reader by speaking to the group’s rich history, technical superiority and sleek, luxe designs. 102 more words

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The Price Game: Mets Extra Edition!

It’s late July. You’ve just gotten back from the latest business meeting, and the Mets traded for Cespedes today. You’ve got five hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket, and a friend says, Odds are 100-1 on the Mets being in first place within a week of the trade. 668 more words

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Return of prodigal son ~ Part 2

Read part one here. Strong words used to express discontent and happiness, not at the same time though. So read if you don’t mind “strong” words.  877 more words


A Drive Amongst Strangers

I drive to work 5 days a week by a certain route, and return by much the same. As I am not transporting gold bullion, this is a reasonable habit to be in – I know the route and general rhythm of the traffic and can get from point A to B and back with minimal fuss. 343 more words


Cars of Tintin Series - Hanomag HA 4500/ AL 28

The Black Island was the next adventure of Tintin. The story began with Tintin enjoying a morning walk when a plane landed in a field and Tintin was shot at. 472 more words

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