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Understanding Aromatherapy Scents (Part 1)

Chamomile and Lavender: Making Sense of Scents

These two soothing herbs, chamomile and lavender, share many of the same properties, yet are also distinctly individual. Let’s break down each herb by their scent, properties, and uses to better understand how they can benefit us. 511 more words

Southern Belle

CO2 Extracts for Aromatherapy

Watch out essential oils – there’s a new kid in town. Okay, CO2 extracts aren’t entirely new, but they are gaining in popularity and are more readily available. 410 more words


Packets of hope: Chamomile


fairy dust and

April rain, dream white stars

with golden hearts, entice

scents of yellow teas,

seduce and dream

sweet chamomile.

I’m planting German chamomile seeds for the first time this year.   45 more words


German Chamomile

Hello! I am Irene! With knowledge, there is empowerment, so here I am to share with you my oily experiences! For more of my posts, please check out  275 more words

Oily Features


Here’s a post we shared back in the spring. Eucalyptus is excellent for this time of the year, too! Use it for your seasonal cold and flu symptoms. 53 more words

Essential Oil Highlight

Pineapple Weed for kids and kids-at-heart

Matricaria discoidea, commonly known as Pineapple Weed, is an astoundingly fragrant herb. It grows everywhere, preferring driveways and sidewalk cracks, almost as if it preferred to be stepped on. 423 more words