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Germany's bizarre version of capitalism—where bosses and workers actually cooperate—is winning

Much of the beauty of capitalism is in its ability to be crafted to suit different cultures, times, and contexts.

For instance, in recent years, “capitalism with Chinese characteristics”—the uneasy partnership of state-run industry, repressed liberties and frenzied entrepreneurialism—has emerged as a fruitful variant. 1,345 more words

Merkel says no to giving Greece a 'classic haircut,' hints other relief is possible

BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday suggested that Germany would show flexibility in negotiating how Greece deals with its massive debt, but again ruled out writing off part of the money. 397 more words


The Economic Ruination of Greece

Popular Economics Weekly

It is now beyond a reasonable doubt that Germany and its austerity cohorts want to drive Greece out of the Eurozone by insisting that it adhere to its agreement to pass most of its meager budget surplus to service its foreign debt, rather than invest it back into the Greek economy. 516 more words

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Does Germany Have More to Lose?

What if Germany’s partners are no longer able or willing to submit themselves to the competitive pressures of a globalizing economy? What if current reform efforts across the Eurozone fail to produce the economic convergence that is ultimately at the core of internal cohesion? 307 more words


The German question

For the first time in a lifetime, fears were raised last year over the health of Germany’s exports sector. Should we be getting worried?

Even through the most tumultuous months of the seemingly perpetual eurozone crisis, Germany’s famed exports sector remained an oasis of calm in the desert storm. 1,224 more words


Is Vladimir Putin's Russia killing Germany's famous exports sector?

Vladimir Putin is using this weekend’s G20 Summit in Brisbane as an opportunity to warn western governments of the futility of their sanctioning of Russia. 800 more words