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Donald Trump tells Merkel he is not an isolationist; calls for 'fair trade'

President Donald Trump on Friday dismissed the notion that he was an “isolationist” in his policies, as he held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and asserted that Germany and the US must work together towards fair and reciprocal trade policies. 261 more words

German industrial production picks up in January


© DPA/AFP/File | Data released showing a slump in industrial orders in January had clouded otherwise sunny prospects for the German economy

FRANKFURT AM MAIN (AFP) – Industrial production in Germany grew 2.8 percent in January, preliminary data showed Wednesday, comforting fears that global uncertainty could put the brakes on Europe’s largest economy. 217 more words

Germany should do more to help EU partners, Commission says -- Europe's top economy has a very large current account surplus -- not healthy for the economy -- creates very significant economic and political distortions for the entire eurozone


© AFP/File / by Bryan McManus | Germany’s trade surplus exceeded 253 billion euros ($270 billion) in 2016

BRUSSELS (AFP) – Europe’s top economy Germany should help its EU partners out, the European Commission said Wednesday, after the Trump administration attacked Berlin for using the bloc to boost exports unfairly.The Commission said second-ranked France, which has long struggled with deficits, had made progress but more needed to be done to remedy “excessive imbalances” in its much weaker public finances. 433 more words

Germany: Inflation hit its highest level for more than three years in December


© AFP/File | German food prices increased 2.5 percent in December, more than double November’s figure

FRANKFURT AM MAIN (AFP) – Inflation in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, hit its highest level for more than three years in December, beating analyst expectations, official data showed on Tuesday. 156 more words

German Ifo Think Tank Chief Says Italy Risks Quitting Euro Zone

The head of Germany’s Ifo economic institute believes Italians will eventually want to quit the euro currency area if their standard of living does not improve, he told German daily… 128 more words


Even after taking in a million migrants, Germany has nearly 700,000 open job vacancies

At this point, it’s almost as if Germany is showing off. The unemployment rate in Europe’s most robust economy dropped to 6% last month, according to the Federal Employment Agency… 335 more words

Why the Economy Doesn’t Roar Anymore

The long boom after World War II left Americans with unrealistic expectations, but there’s no going back to that unusual Golden Age

PHOTO: ANDREW ZUCKERMAN… 2,215 more words