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An Open Letter Across Time

by John Raimo

Thomas Mann received a curious letter on December 25, 1936. The Nobel Prize-winning author had entered into exile in Switzerland after publicly denouncing the Nazi regime years earlier. 1,126 more words

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Thursday Reader: 94-year-old Former Nazi SS Officer Charged with Over 3,681 Murders at Auschwitz

A 94-YEAR-OLD man has been charged over the murders of 3,681 people at the Auschwitz extermination camp during the Second World War.

Identified only as Hubert Z., a photo of him in his Nazi S.S. 595 more words

Taking stock of the History Annex for 2015

Did we all enjoy our trip to the Greek Mediterranean?

Unfortunately, continuing for the next two months or so, my travels will mostly be back and forth from Uni. 297 more words

Forgotten Workers' Protests in the Weimar Republic

In the Jahrbuch für Forschungen zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung, Axel Weipert writes about the forgotten demonstration against the workers’ council law on 13 January 1920, when 42 demonstrators died and 100 were wounded in clashes with the police. 36 more words

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The stained glass windows of the Marienburg Fortress... in Charlottenburg?

In the Neuer Pavillion at Schloss Charlottenburg there is a nice quaint collection of Kaspar David Friedrich paintings, quaint reproductions of Meissen porcelain and to unwary eye, a small but amazing items that link the early legends of the Teutonic Knights during the crusades to the modern Prussian state, all crafted by the hands of one man… 544 more words


The Eintänzer: a Social Type of the Weimar Republic

The ‘New Woman’ is well known as a female (role) model and character in Weimar culture. But what about embodiments of Weimar masculinity? The traditional German image of manliness had taken a serious hit by the nation’s defeat in the war, so it is obvious that masculinity was as contentious a field as womanhood. 195 more words

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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp/Gedänkstätte/Memorial

disclaimer: this post was actually written at the beginning of the year in a notebook that I recently found, so has some “extras” about flat searching and meeting new friends in Berlin which was very much part of being new here and my beginnings. 542 more words