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Journal Review: Historische Zeitschrift 2/2016

In the April issue of Historische Zeitschrift Christoph Thonfeld gives a sweeping overview over recent research on Weimar history, guided by the concepts of “crisis” and “modernity”. 16 more words

German History

Trump and Weimar Germany

The comparisons between Donald Trump’s political success and Hitler’s rise, so numerous even before the election, have intensified since the former won the electoral vote in November 2016. 130 more words

German History

The Weimar Republic: Gone, but not forgotten

Matthew Wills gives a short overview over the current relevance of Weimar’s history for today’s political landscape: “The Weimar Republic has been on people’s minds with the results of the U.S. 44 more words

German History

Ludwig II and the composer

The first music Ludwig heard of Richard Wagner’s was the opera Lohengrin performed at the court theatre in Munich. For the romantic and  imaginative and fifteen-year-old, it was almost a spiritual experience. 748 more words

German Women for Empire: Imperial Feminism

In German Women for Empire, 1884-1945, Lora Wildenthal paints a compelling picture of contributions made by German women in the pursuit of imperial ambitions. In Germany’s African and Pacific colonies, women from diverse backgrounds played a conscious and often enthusiastic role, carving out a place for themselves as guardians of “Germanness” and racial purity. 448 more words


Koblenz - An Excursion, Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 and the last installment of my day exploring the historic city of Koblenz. We happened upon the Christmas Market guided by laughter and cheerful banter between children baking in one of the market huts. 181 more words