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Historic Photo: Neuhauser Strasse in Munich, Bavaria, 1839.

This amazing picture is one of the earliest photographs ever taken in Germany. It depicts Neuhauser Strasse, one of the “main drags” in the old city of Munich, in what was then the state of Bavaria (Germany was not a unified country until 1871). 355 more words


A Case of Androgynous Gender-Bending in Early Modern Radical Religion

By guest contributor Timothy Wright

From the perspective of contemporary feminism, Christianity has a decidedly mixed record on gender. On the one hand, many modern scholars, such as Mary Wiesner-Hank, cite Christian culture as leading to an “erosion of gender variation” as the patriarchal hierarchy implicit in Christian scripture demanded a binary model of gender identity (Wiesner-Hank, … 1,042 more words

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New Beginnings

So where to begin… As an always student of International Relations, an avid traveller and an expat, the relationship that exists between people of the same culture, of different nationalities and more so the relationship between States has always held an interest for me. 859 more words

German History

Self-Induced Loneliness Ludwig II (Review)

I picked up the slim, grim appearing book out of pure curiosity a couple of weeks ago at the Goodwill Store.  At first and hurried glance, I thought it was one of those humor books that relies on irony to get laughs.  774 more words

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Changing Perspectives in History: The Collapse of the GDR and Role of the German People

The GDR, or German Democratic Republic, was the communist success story. Before the autumn of 1989, it was held as the model the Eastern-Bloc wished to present to the world. 5,221 more words


Crash Course: Little Known History - Albert Göring

Hermann Göring was one of the Nazi party’s most powerful figures and an adamant anti-Semite. But his younger brother Albert worked to save the lives of dozens of Jews.  1,997 more words

Beyond the Berliner Ring Part One: Rügen

Living in Berlin can devour all of your free time easily without making you notice how quickly it all flies. That how I could easily define my first three months of 2015. 451 more words

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