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I haven’t been to Warsaw in years, and heard from various trusted sources how interesting, fresh and inspiring it’s gotten since then. Also, it’s been spoken around Berlin a lot that is is a new place to be. 307 more words

Beyond Berliner Ring

The Thane of Cawdor stole my log-in

Our kids threw a mild hissy fit about not being in the States for Halloween, complaining they’d gotten gypped, or in Germany — where the holiday’s just caught on — instead, we’ll be somewhere in Scotland, hopefully near a castle, after a 15 hour ferry ride out of Amsterdam and a layover in Newcastle, where they make the brown ale. 501 more words


Apollo's Girl


The Short and the Long of the Best…
Learning to Drive;
Edgar Reitz Comes Home

It’s relatively short (90 minutes) and I didn’t plan to write about it but, in all honestly, I simply had to. 842 more words


#readingissexy: The Nazis: A Warning From History

I studied German. Of course that meant translation class and a dictionary so big I once bruised myself with it, but we also had a huge choice of other modules, from medieval linguistics to contemporary politics. 445 more words

Book Review

Dangerous Heat to Build Across Germany, Poland

A week without my cell phone now, breaking the habit of checking, responding like a lab rat to artificial chimes and chirps, the desire to be recognized. 755 more words


The infinity mirror

There are many clocks in my mom’s 500-year-old house but none of them agree on the time, they’re all about 10 minutes off and it’s unclear which one is right — so instead we go by the town church bell, and now I know the logic behind its toll every 15 minutes since the beginning of time, since before people had watches or alarm clocks and needed the church to get them up every day. 628 more words


The hopes and dreams of Robert Zimmerman

Not even a week in Germany, and Dawn suggested we revisit our decision about living here, and apply for a year-long residency permit. It reminds me of working in a complex corporate environment, where it takes countless hours and input to make decisions and then once made, they get rethought and remade, and you can never really count on anything going as planned. 679 more words