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2016 is a big year for German beer. It marks the 500th anniversary of the German Purity Law for Beer (Deutsches Reinheitsgebot für Bier) which established that only water, hops, malt and yeast and no artificial ingredients, enzymes or preservatives may be used in beer-brewing. 1,259 more words

How much patriotism is appropriate?

Germans and Americans are different, just as Chinese and Argentinians or Indians and Mozambicans. As a German expat living in the US I’m always interested in cultural differences between our two nations. 1,024 more words


Why did Napoleon win the Battle of Austerlitz?

The Battle of Austerlitz also known as the Battle of the Three Emperors was one of the most important battles in European History. It was also Napoleon’s greatest victory. 263 more words

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Why did the the Weimar Republic Collapse?

The Weimar Republic was Germany’s first experiment in democracy. It was founded after the aftermath of the German defeat in World War I. The Republic faced many challenges during its short life. 211 more words

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Why did Germany lose the Battle of Stalingrad?

The Battle of Stalingrad, between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, is considered not only the most important in World War II, but one of the most important in military history. 119 more words

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Lord Haw-Haw in Chiswick

In September, 2015, I blogged about William Joyce (1906-1946), otherwise known by his critics as ‘Lord Haw-Haw’, who broadcast for the Germans during World War Two, and was executed as a traitor shortly after the War.  1,094 more words

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I know, really strange place to start but this is what my mock is on so, deal with it :D

This section will cover the 1.5 Question: … 282 more words

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