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Germany is NOT older than USA !

In A.D. 800 Charlemagne, who had been crowned Holy Roman emperor by Pope Leo III, ruled over a territory that encompassed much of present-day Belgium, France, Germanic states/provinces the Netherlands, and Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Northern Italy and Slovenia, but within a generation its existence was more symbolic than real. 2,501 more words

“Do you have a copy of the Bible?”: critical editions in the UL

Often, students come to the library looking for a copy of a text – a religious or classical text, for instance – without regard to the edition. 432 more words

Historical Collections

Guest Post for JHI blog

Opinion Polls in International Perspective: The Case of West Germany

Find the original post for the blog of the Journal of Intellectual History here: https://jhiblog.org/ostrow… 1,556 more words

German History

Destructive, suicidal Germans and us

I’ve been wondering, is there something in the beer Germans drink that makes them destructive and suicidal? Going back to dangerous political and cultural ideas they have embraced has led me to think about this because it has virally spread to America. 332 more words

Cultural Deterioration

The 22-Month Criminal Partnership That Turned the World On Its Head

Roger Moorhouse, The Devils’ Alliance:
Hitler’s Pact With Stalin, 1939-41 

     On August 23, 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union stunned the world by executing a non-aggression pact, sometimes referred to as the “Ribbentrop-Molotov” accord after the foreign ministers of the two countries.   2,258 more words


Photography in the GDR

One of the probably less known areas which we collect is photography in the GDR. Cambridge University Library thus has a substantial collection on the topic. 788 more words


Guest Post: Edward Dickinson on Weimar's sexual politics and the "backlash thesis"

Recently, the Weimar Studies Network has hosted a discussion  about Weimar’s sexual reforms and the idea of a backlash against them that undermined the Republic itself. 1,481 more words

German History