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Review: Germany: 2000 Years, Volumes I & II (Reinhardt)

Germany: 2000 Years, Volumes I & II.

I read the first volume of this history back in 1976, as part of my university studies when I was living in Germany. 211 more words

No Christmas in Germany (10 Dezember)

Join me this month for stories of our time here in a small German village where we’re visiting with my mom. I’m experimenting with straight journal-style blogging as a ‘post-a-day’ challenge. 398 more words


Review: Hitler's First War (Weber)

Hitler’s First War. 

Did you know that Hitler never achieved the rank of corporal?

This book debunks the myths that have surrounded Adolf Hitler which were not only fostered by himself, but have been unwittingly perpetuated by generations of historians (including William Shirer). 206 more words

Is America still haunted by its past? New edition of BBC's 'World Histories' magazine explores the question

The publishers of the very popular BBC History magazine, a monthly publication which investigates all aspects of history and the past, recently launched an exciting new companion magazine entitled… 665 more words

Public History

This Ironic Arch Should Be A Warning

In the mid 1800s, King Ludwig I of Bavaria commissioned the Siegestor, which basically looks like the Arc de Triomphe and Brandenburg Gate got married and had an extremely unoriginal baby. 122 more words


What did Hitler consider his "bible" and one of the foundations of his theories of eugenics AND part of his reasoning for the horrors experienced by German Jews in World War II

Madison Grant’s “The Passing of the Great Race”. While he was in prison he studied this book in depth and even added many of the ideas extolled in the book about the superiority of the Nordic race and the inferiority of everyone else to his book Mein Kampf. 267 more words


Review: The Young Hitler I Knew (Kubizek)

The Young Hitler I Knew: The Memoirs of Hitler’s Childhood Friend.

The subtitle of this edition and its cover photo of a decidedly pre-pubescent Adolf Hitler are deceptive. 187 more words