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The Rift Between Idealist and Realist Philosophies

I find it useful to consider the difference, and different iterations, of idealist and realist positions so that we can contextualise the problems and issues that any particular iteration might be dealing with. 1,164 more words

German Idealism

Synthetic A Priori: A Power of Nature Itself

Expanding on Levi’s Post over at Larval Subjects here, I thought I would express my opinion of Kant’s synthetic a priori and German Idealism more generally. 1,447 more words


Review of Lara Ostaric (ed.) "Interpreting Schelling: Critical Essays"

LARA OSTARIC (ed.) | Interpreting Schelling: Critical Essays | Cambridge University Press 2014

By G. Anthony Bruno

That Lara Ostaric’s Interpreting Schelling: Critical Essays is the first English-language collection of papers devoted to the philosophy of F.W.J. 4,897 more words


Project: Asexuality & Nineteenth-Century German Thought

Hello all! It’s the new year, so perhaps we should undertake an exciting new journey!

So here goes: What are the intersections between Asexuality Studies and German thought? 208 more words

A Left of the Thing-in-Itself

This is not a reading for any upcoming meeting; we discussed it a year ago and I did not get around to posting it until now. 1,713 more words


Police, Corporations, & Civil Society: A look at Mass Production as the Pathology of Hegel’s Rabble

Hegel offers as his central theory to self-actualization of freedom and individuality the ‘system of needs’ wherein individuals within the larger civil society interact with one another and function as rational beings. 3,573 more words

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DANSOX: The GRACE Project, 20th November, St Hilda's College

Save the date for another fascinating talk programmed by DANSOX (Dance Scholarship Oxford):

The GRACE Project

Speaker: Renate Braeuninger (Northampton)

‘Slavoj Žižek, Grace, and Contemporary Dance’ 133 more words

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