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Fichte's The Science of Knowledge: First Introduction

This will be the reading for Saturday, August 1’s meeting.  We will meet at 4:30 at Cafe Boiling Pot.  Directions are in the sidebar.

If you are interested in joining the group, I suggest looking up  3,471 more words

German Idealism

“in the preKantian universe, humans were simply humans, beings of reason, fighting the excesses of animal lusts and divine madness.. ..Only with ..German Idealism is the excess to be fought absolutely immanent, the very core of subjectivity itself” – the metaphor for the core of subjectivity is Night, “Night of the World,” in contrast to the Enlightenment notion of the Light of Reason fighting the darkness all around – SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1Ma1hOH

Julius Evola’s Political Endeavours, Pt. IV

This is part of the introductory essay to the American edition of Julius Evola’s Men amid the Ruins. As the essay is very lengthy (over forty thousand words) I’ll be posting it part by part instead of cramming too much information into too small a space. 1,380 more words


“failing to work through or mourn the French Revolution—to inherit the project, to ..make it its own—German idealism keeps repeating it, like a stuck record, but also off key.” – (via rebecca-comay) – REBECCA COMAY http://ift.tt/1T8GsFg

Second Semester Suffering

This semester has been shit. I’ve heard that things change (for whatever reason) in the second semester of grad school and it’s true. I guess the stakes seem higher because I will be selling myself as a potential PhD candidate by the end of the year. 426 more words

The Role of Freedom and Necessity in Schelling's Inquiries

“The time has come for the higher distinction or, rather, for the real contrast, to be made manifest, the contrast between Necessity and Freedom, in which alone the inner-most center of philosophy comes to view.” (VII, 333)

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