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Schelling, "The Nature of Philosophy as a Science"

This will be our reading for Saturday, September 23.  You can find the location and time at our meetup.com page.

1. This essay by FJW Schelling is an attempt to explain, or perhaps create, an underlying unity of all philosophies.   3,745 more words


Marx - The German Ideology

The young Marx was an active member of a radical leftist group called the Young Hegelians. They read Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit as the historical process of emancipation brought about by Western society’s philosophers and thinkers. 299 more words


Beginner's Introduction to Dialectics


Though I 100% recommend the much longer intermediate introduction, I’ve decided to write a more basic ‘lesser’ introduction to Dialectics. Unlike the ‘greater’ introduction, this one is meant to be shorter and more to the point in a formulaic way which does not meander over the finer details. 5,678 more words

Sublation, Reflection, Speculation

Did you think we were done with dialectics? This one is going to be a bit more fun than usual.

Sublation is something that should already be familiar, but in case it is not… 3,253 more words


Engels - Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

Unless you have read Marx and/or Engels before, forget everything you think you know about Marxism. While there are many valid criticisms to make of Marx, they are probably not the criticisms with which you are familiar. 837 more words