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Fichte's Science of Knowledge: On The Self's Necessary Necessity For Itself

Our task is to discover the primordial, absolutely unconditioned first principle of all human knowledge. This can be neither proved nor defined, if it is to be an absolutely primary principle.

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hegel and nothing

Pure being is so indeterminate that it is not even being and so is nothing. This is the basic Hegelian idea at the beginning of the  276 more words


Wednesday Quotation-Roger Scruton

Interesting quote by Scruton in a debate about Islam, at min 6:35 of video 4/4:

‘Universal values only make sense in a very specific context…the attempt to universalize them, or project or impose them…just leads to their appropriation by sinister forces.”


Fichte - Idealism vs. Dogmatism

Fichte became one of the most influential founders of German Idealism after one of his books was published anonymously and people attributed it to Kant. Kant said he didn’t write it, but that whoever did was one of the only people to understand him (basically). 218 more words


Johann Fichte's Sun-Clear Statement 1801

Sun-Clear Statement 1801

by Johann Gottlieb Fichte 1762-1814, translated by Adolph Ernst Kroeger 1867 as published in The Journal of Speculative Philosophy Edited by William Torrey Harris, 1835-1909… 10,509 more words