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Second Semester Suffering

This semester has been shit. I’ve heard that things change (for whatever reason) in the second semester of grad school and it’s true. I guess the stakes seem higher because I will be selling myself as a potential PhD candidate by the end of the year. 426 more words

Johann Gottlieb Fichte's explanations of the characteristics of God

Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814) was a German philosopher as well as part of the movement known as “German idealism”. The legacy he left on philosophy is open to debate. 870 more words


The Role of Freedom and Necessity in Schelling's Inquiries

“The time has come for the higher distinction or, rather, for the real contrast, to be made manifest, the contrast between Necessity and Freedom, in which alone the inner-most center of philosophy comes to view.” (VII, 333)

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More on Rosenzweig: Metaphysics and Language

I wrote this super quick essay for class last week… My professor’s main concern was that my critique of Rosenzweig’s claim about names, falls back into the world of essences (a world which Rosenzweig rejects). 890 more words

Mythology, Madness, and Laughter: Subjectivity in German Idealism

As we are approaching the times, where, according to some bright contemporary minds (Adrian Johnston, Catherine Malabou) to name a couple the debt of biology which according to Freud should explain psychoanalysis, is either being paid or close to it, the question of subjectivity: what is it, really, is re-surging with full force. 302 more words



Graduate school is difficult. It’s not just the work or the high standards- it’s the short-lived highs and the constant lows of an ever changing amount of self-esteem that feels destructive. 718 more words