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Top German security official follows Clinton lead, blames Russia for hacking attack on MPs, political parties

BERLIN — Germany is investigating a series of computer hacking attacks on MPs and political parties amid fears Russia may be trying to influence the outcome of next year’s elections. 271 more words


First seats in Berlin state parliament for anti-migrant party gaining ground across Germany

BERLIN — Angela Merkel faced damaging losses at the hands of Germany’s anti-immigrant party for the second time in two weeks Sunday in regional elections in Berlin. 422 more words


The new political landscape of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Yesterday the citizens of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern were asked to cast a ballot in their state election. The results in this former GDR Land are interesting and, if nothing else, may be an unneeded worry for current Chancellor Angela Merkel as the federal election draws near. 591 more words



Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel

🔗 2016-08-29

Henryk M. Broder in Die Welt

Translation: Edward Shilling/The Europeans

The Putsch Against Merkel Approaches On Soft Soles… 1,256 more words

Migration Crisis


GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Brexit will not dominate a meeting of European Union leaders in the wake of the June 23 vote.

Mrs Merkel said does not want the UK referendum to overshadow the upcoming meeting in the Slovak capital Bratislava. 139 more words


Merkel: We can do this. Seehofer: No, we can't.

Bavarian Premier Horst Seehofer said: We can do this’ – I cannot, with the best will, adopt this phrase as my own. It is a direct contradiction to Angela Merkel. 817 more words


The Other Inconvenient Truth

The fate of Europe is now fully engaged, as on so many occasions throughout its thirty or so centuries of prodigious cultural and economic development. Driven to a moral fervour in September 2015 by President Erdoğan’s migratory ‘push’ and Angela Merkel’s complementary ‘pull’, the neoliberals of Germany and Sweden briefly demonstrated their enormous capacity for humanitarian concern. 952 more words

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