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People Seek Inspiration

When I look at how Hitler rose to power, I see a man that played to people’s fears while, in the worst way possible, creating inspiration and hope to the people. 358 more words

American Politics

Autocracy: Then and now.

With the new president now in now power for almost 30 days, we have gotten used to the idea that even in America, democracy can grow disgusting habits of autocracy. 327 more words


Either, Or

🔗 First Published in German 2017-02-13

Elke Halefeldt | Cicero Magazin für Politische Kultur

Why opinion polls are not always to be believed

Those who ostracise groups of people as “enemies of humanity”, have a responsibility to provide clear evidence. 1,261 more words


How the Far Right is Outsmarting the Grannies of Dresden By Pretending to Be Nice

Nothing is innocent on the street. The graffiti below, for instance, on the wall of the old waterworks along the Elbe River in Dresden, looks at first glance as the casual art work of a child too nice to get down and mean about street fighting with a spray can. 394 more words


Come in, Deutschlandsender

No news is fake news. No comment is comment enough. Where is the German equivalent of Le Figaro? One could, at a pinch, do without the French… 1,268 more words

Migration Crisis

Coretta Scott King Letter

Dear Senator Thurmond:
I write to express my sincere opposition to the confirmation of Jefferson B. Sessions as a federal district court judge for the Southern District of Alabama. 145 more words

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