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Franco-German Fear

France and Germany have an extensive history of conflict. Territories such as the Rhineland and Alsace-Lorraine have long been disputed. After the Allies defeated the Central Powers in World War I, the Treaty of Versailles was signed. 266 more words

German Politics

Sport and Politics

As several posts already point out, sports and the human body were racialized in Nazi Germany. There is a racial undertone to discussion around sports today, as well. 255 more words

German Politics

Trump vs. Merkel

It was the fight to be leader of the free world. Merkel is an idiotic woman who runs Germany, yep.. the one who let millions of refugees flood her country and rape her women. 107 more words

OUCH! Trump Meets with Merkel at WH, Watch What He Does When She Tries to Shake Hands…

Angela Merkel has been a disaster as leader of Germany. Her ridiculous decision to give up and let hundreds of thousands of unvetted refugees into Germany has been a nightmare in every possible way.

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Donald Trump

Far-right Remnants in German Society

This past week in Dresden, Germany, eight members of the so-called Freital Group went on trial for the attempted murders and attacks of refugees in 2015. 168 more words

German Politics

Rocky Ride

First Barack Obama criticized NATO for being full of “free riders,” now Donald Trump calls the organization “obsolete.” Now, Angela Merkel has promised that Germany would spend more on its military to meet the alliance’s target figure for defence expenditures for its member nations: at least two-per-cent of gross domestic product. 187 more words