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Political Parties- how many is too many?

In the United States, two political parties dominate our government: the democrats and republicans. As each successive election gets more and more tumultuous, and each party succumbs to scandals and corruption, many people call for more than two political parties to have a major voice in the American political scene. 318 more words

American Politics

The Stasi-state, NPD & The German Constitution

Since the beginning of Europe’s multicultural experiment, Germany has led the way in terms of returning to communistic stasi tactics of suppressing criticism of government policy. 756 more words


Björn Höcke and the AfD

The Bundestagswahlen are coming up in September 2017, and the Alternative for Germany (AfD)  is in the middle of the fight for votes. The base of the right-wing party is located in Saxonia, especially Dresden, where starting in the fall of 2014 the PEGIDA movement was able to get thousands of people on the streets to protests against decisions of the government regarding the euro crisis and the start of the refugees crisis. 351 more words

Bundestagswahl 2017

Helmut Schmidt - Reflections

Recently watched a documentary about Herr Schmidt done the year of his 95th birthday. It consisted of reenactments of his past and a present day interview with him. 267 more words


ISIL defector who claimed to have refused to commit violence faces murder, war crimes charges

An Islamic State defector who claimed in news interviews to have refused to commit violence for the group has been charged by German authorities with murder and war crimes for his role in a mass execution in Syria in 2015. 333 more words


Merkel cannot save us: Europe requires new leadership

I was recently reading an article in the FAZ which to a significant degree represents the core of the problem we in Europe are still facing, as we go into this New Year. 1,487 more words


January 27: Johanna Schuster-Craig, “Rhetorical Strategies of Women in the AfD: Frauke Petry and Alice Weidel”

Please join us for our first meeting of the spring semester, January 27, 2017.

Johanna Schuster-Craig

Assistant Professor of German and  Global Studies, Michigan State University… 149 more words