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Fake History Lie of the Month: The Allies Won The Good War And Treated Defeated Germans Humanely: Or Mr Wear Can't Help Repeating Himself.

It certainly appears that Mr Wear has run out of things to post. He simply repeats a lot of the debunked themes that have been running through his website the last few months. 860 more words

Revisionist History

A Gift of Peace

It’s a traditional Nativity scene. Christ Child. Angels. Wise men. Shepherds and sheep. What isn’t so traditional is who made it: German POWs incarcerated at Algona, Iowa. 480 more words


The Untold Holocaust: Allied Forces Treatment of Germans


We are told enough times about the terrible crimes committed by Germans but why is there stoic silence on the crimes committed by the Allied forces (UK, US, FRANCE and SOVIET UNION) on Germans? 2,712 more words

Healing The Wounds Of War

My grandfather had a cousin whose whole family was wiped out during The Blitz. My family had  suffered greatly along with everybody else during WW2.  314 more words