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The Marathon Comes To GV

They’re running the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon this morning. The course runs down Third Street and the jogs around Schiller Park. As I can back from my morning walk, the leaders, pictured above, came running past at an amazingly fast clip. 118 more words


Tiny Door (IV)

The elf and sprite population of German Village apparently has been busy.  We’ve found yet another tiny door on the streets of the Village — this one located next to a drainpipe and complete with a brook, a bridge, a clothesline, and a ladder so that our elfin friends can climb up to the front door. 30 more words


The Growth That Consumed German Village

We’re reaching the end of the growing season in Ohio — at least, I think we are.  You wouldn’t know it by the bright green growth spilling out of one of our planters.   106 more words


When We Left German Village

Tonight I was telling my daughter stories about when my family was forced out of German Village when they built I-70 through Columbus in the 1950s. 25 more words


Thursday's Doors ~ Close-up of German Village door

Second view of the door

found along a walk with my

youngest daughter who lives

in German Village, a section

or neighborhood found on

the southeast part of Columbus. 48 more words


Thursday's Doors ~ German Village house

Another example of using tight spaces,

fitting in so many unique and homey

qualifications. German Village in

Columbus, Ohio has so many

on each street, turn a corner… 89 more words