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Dog Signage

German Village seems to be a very dog-friendly place.  Most of the people you see walking around have a dog, and I’d guess that dogs outnumber cats by about 10 to 1, if not more. 210 more words


Tiny Door (II)

On this morning’s ridiculously brisk walk with Kasey, we encountered another tiny door — this one on Third Street. It’s very well done, complete with planter, bench . 40 more words


Thursday's Doors ~ April 7, 2016: German Village church

The petite weeping and flowering

cherry tree brings a contrast to

this darkly colored brick church.

I notice a brass kick plate,

an arch with stained glass… 57 more words


Art Outside The Lines

Kish and I went to have brunch at The Crest on Sunday — they serve a really good brunch, by the way — then decided to walk home via Livingston Avenue.   95 more words


Tiny Door

Kish and I were out taking Kasey for a walk, and she wanted to stop in at the Starbucks at Third and Sycamore to pick up a copy of the Sunday… 104 more words


Rainy Reflection

German Village is a place of alleys.  On some of the busier streets, convex mirrors have been placed at the intersections with the alleys, to give drivers a better chance to spot oncoming traffic and, hopefully, avoid it. 31 more words


Cherry Blossom Time

Some of the cherry trees along Third Street in German Village — at least, I think they are cherry trees — have started to blossom.  The pink blooms are a very welcome sight and remind me of when Kish and I lived in Washington, D.C. 33 more words